Although racism and discrimination can occur anywhere, it's always shocking to see it so close to home—especially in one of the country's most multicultural cities.
While some people argue—perhaps rightfully—that everyone is always glued to some kind of electronic device, there's no denying that it's not 1993 anymore and technology is of paramount importance
If you use medical tools or equipment at home—thank syringes if you're diabetic, for example—the Region of Peel is urging you to ensure you dispose of the waste properly.
A Brampton teen has been arrested in connection with a stabbing that sent another teen to hospital with serious injuries.
If you're a regular GO Transit user, you might have been affected by a CN Rail traffic control ce
A Brampton resident is already having a very good weekend! Ulaganathan (Tyson) Muthucumarasamy is celebrating after winning the $250,000 top prize with Instant Super Money Multiplier.
Although racism and discrimination can occur anywhere, it's always shocking to see it so close to home—especially in one of the country's most multicultural cities.
Although there are few things more satisfying than hearty dine-in Indian meals, sometimes you just want to grab some rich saag paneer on the go.
Ah, Italian fare—arguably one of the world's most well-known and beloved cuisines.
Being the guy from Brampton usually means hearing "Hey, you're from Brampton, how about you bring samosas to the office potluck?" Well, there is good reason behind that request, as we have some of
Valentine's Day may be over, but that's no reason to banish swanky establishments from your life for the next 12 months.
If you've been anticipating the opening of Indian bistro Shalimar, you are in luck—the restaurant is now open!
If you're experiencing a health issue that's pressing but not life-threatening, you might be relieved to hear that you can now seek medical attention at the newly opened Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness.
After Target's short-lived tenure in Canada, shoppers were left wondering what stores would replace the gigantic vacant retail spaces the major American brand left in its wake when it folded in 2015.
If you're in the mood for a unique snack, you might be happy to hear that you can now enjoy a roti bun at the newly opened Pappa Roti quick-service cafe in
While Brampton is a great place to live, life can get expensive (just like it can anywhere in the 905).   
There’s been many iterations of Batman and Robin over the years.
A local business owner (and client at Brampton's Entrepreneur Centre) is set to face the dragons on CBC's Dragons' Den tonight.
If you've been following the career of Brampton breakout sensation Alessia Cara, you know she's been killing it with a hit album, successful singles and a recent appearance on Saturday Night Live.
If you thought the massive 40-car pileup on the 410 outside of Brampton was bad, be thankful you weren't traveling down the 401 in Bowmanville over the weekend.
A robbery in Brampton left a woman with minor injuries stemming from an attack with a long bread knife. 
Starting at 11 pm, the 'big pour at Ching Park' saw 3 million pounds of concrete poured continuously by 57 people using three pump trucks, nine power trowels and 58 truckloads of concrete.
Ontario police have begun using a new method to catch distracted drivers: riding public transit.
It’s no secret that house prices in Brampton (and Toronto and its satellite cities) have risen exponentially and it doesn’t look the trend is slowing down—
While many people decry the influx of condos and claim they’re ruining landscapes and obscuring the sun, highrise living is more popular than ever for a host of reasons.
While we all know the real estate market is on fire, many of us are still surprised to hear about wildly competitive bidding wars and astronomical selling prices.
This Place: This massive 5,000 square foot mansion boasts an elegant interior and fabulous backyard with a hot tub, cabana and pizza oven