Gas stations usually are loaded with chips, candy and pop.And there's nothing worse than filling up on junk when you're hangry.
Homes in Brampton are selling for extravagant prices, and oftentimes, the larger the home, the steeper the price. 
Fried chicken: what's there not to love about it? It's chicken that's been seasoned and deep fried to crispy and golden perfection. Is your mouthwatering yet?
There’s no such thing as too many cafes in Brampton!Now, a brand new independent coffee shop is opening, bringing high-quality coffee beans from Nicaragua to downtown Brampton. 
With warmer weather upon us, it’s no surprise that Bramptonians are gearing up to get outside and have a good time.
Canadian homes sales are continuing to fall across the country.
Police are investigating a theft that took place in Brampton.
Police are searching for the suspect of a break-in that took place in Brampton.
Have you ever eaten an entire pie? Once you’ve learned the secrets of Brampton’s pie scene, you might want to.
It's definitely picnic weather in Brampton, so grab your picnic blankets and stuff a basket (or your car) with goodies and head over to one of these picnic areas in the city!
Is there a greater feeling than biting into something you’ve been avoiding because you’re trying to get into shape?
Looking for a laid back way to spend a summer evening? Grab your blankets and popcorn and pull up to a drive-in movie theatre!
We can live in one city our entire lives and grow up never knowing too-too much about it.
Feel like your car insurance company is ripping you off?You’re not alone - it’s probably happening across the province, according to a new report released on Tuesday.
Fees, taxes, and government charges account for nearly a quarter of the price of a new home in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a new report finds.
If you live in Brampton - or know someone who does - and have heard those nightmarish stories about the DriveTest centre, then you’ll want to keep reading.
Brampton has a vast, exciting and expansive restaurant scene and while most establishments offer fantastic food, a choice few go the extra mile and provide diners with absolutely exquisite surround
Calling all alcohol- and cupcake-lovers in Brampton and beyond! You may or may not know this boozy secret about Brampton.
A brand new cafe is taking a very unique approach in its attempts to open in downtown Brampton, and some residents have already donated to its cause.
People's palates have never been more adventurous and that's a good thing—especially in a region as diverse as Peel.
If you love Filipino cuisine, you'll be excited to know that Brampton just got a new Filipino restaurant!
Music. Roller skating. Gaming. Karaoke.Something new and exciting is coming to Brampton. 
Rain or shine, hot or cold, bubble tea is always a good idea. Milk, tapioca, and all different kinds of tea - yes, please!
There’s no such thing as too much breakfast in Brampton! Fluffy eggs, crunchy bacon, jam-smothered toast, and sweet, sweet pancakes - yum.
If there's one thing a lot of people love to do, it's crack open a cold one and relax.
Calling all music and festival lovers - a massive music festival is on it's way to Brampton very soon.#MonsterWorld Mashup (MWM) is a huge event that boasts a mix of genres and cultures.
Can we all agree to mow our lawns this summer?It’s true that overgrown hedges and grass can be unsightly, but it’s also true that a home that isn’t maintained can also be dangerous.
It’s a place any twenty-something would only dream of going to.And it could actually be closer to home if we ask enough times.
Recently, we found out that Brampton continues to boast the highest car insurance rates in Ontario.
A man has been transported to a trauma centre in serious condition following a crash on the 407 in the Mississauga area, Peel Paramedics report.
Well, this isn’t something you see everyday.On June 14, Kristian Murray was walking his dog in Brampton when he saw a massive yellow rat snake emerging from a drain.
Just after midnight there was a scary moments for passengers on Air Canada Airbus 320 as it went off the runway after landing on runway 15R at Pearson International Airport.
Slow workers make any business run slow.Don't think so?Underperforming employees take up too much of a company's time getting coached.
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
Brampton is a hotspot for major investments, innovations, and talent. Now, the Toronto Pearson’s airport authority is investing a whopping $100,000 in Brampton’s startup community.
Are you looking for a new career or simply hoping to affirm that your job choice is the best one?
While houses in Brampton and surrounding cities are not quite as expensive as they were this time last year, prices in the GTA do appear to be inching back up month-over-month.
With Brampton’s population growth and all of the developments that are coming here, it’s no surprise that new high-rises are on their way to support our city.
This Place: This 2,500+ square foot home boasts spacious bedrooms, an open concept floor plan, a brand new roof, and an epic location!
It’s spring — how’s the luxury real estate market in Canada’s largest cities?
Chinguacousy Township was first surveyed in 1819, settled by immigrants from Brampton, Cumberland, North England.
What sets Brampton apart from other Hometown Hockey stops? It's the young city's record of creating and supporting hockey for women and girls.
What's love got to do with it?With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you might be thinking about ideas of love and romance (positively or negatively), more than usual.
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
Calling all lovers of ribs, beer, or ribs and beer! A massive festival is set to hit Brampton for the first time and you won’t want to miss it.
Weddings, for many, are not quite as important as they were even 20 years ago.
Would you trade sex or romance for a break on your substantial student loans?