After years of waiting, a major project is finally moving forward in Brampton.
If you thought the recent election poll showing Patrick Brown with a slight lead in Brampton's ma
Do you know what the oldest restaurants in Brampton are?
If you're looking for an affordable round trip to the land of the rising sun, then Air Canada may just have what you're looking for.
The moment has arrived. The Brampton municipal election results are in as follows:Mayor Patrick Brown
The issue of safe injection sites is a controversy one, with advocates declaring them a clean and safe way for users, and critics decrying how this keeps a user in a cycle of addiction.
A Progressive Conservative MPP has introduced a private member’s bill that seeks to address a rather contentious issue: denying returning ISIS fighters government services once they return to Ontar
Assembling your IKEA furniture just got a lot easier.
The world of buffets is not what it once was and the city of Brampton is a prime place to see the evolution of the buffet.
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of Oct 6- 12, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on
Whether you’re one of those people who cuts their burrito in half and saves the rest for later, or who must demolish their burrito in a solid 10 minutes or less, burritos are a staple in fast food,
To the meat lovers out there, this one's for you! This list is more than just your classic Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, even though they are naturally a primary feature.
With Brampton’s population growth and all of the developments that are coming here, it’s no surprise that new high-rises are on their way to support our city.
Canadians know distracted driving is a big risk factor on the road.
The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) have come together to shed light on voters’ priorities in the upcoming municipal elections.
Good news for all you vegetarians who also love browsing for furniture in IKEAVeggie hot dogs are coming to IKEA Canada.
If you're too tired to cook and just don't feel like going out, you might be happy to hear that a major food delivery service is lowering some fees.
Sadly, it appears the city's Mediterranean scene just got a little quieter.
If you like the way the McDonald’s burgers taste now (and you probably do, because you don't become one of the world's most popular restaurants by producing non-tasty burgers), you should note that
If you enjoy seasonally-appropriate shopping in Brampton, you might be happy to hear that a new store just opened in the city.
Doors close, but windows open.And now, people who mourned the loss of the downtown area Eatery Boss might be happy to hear that a brand new Mediterranean resto has taken its place.
A new African restaurant/bakery is opening this Sunday (Oct. 7) at 2 p.m. for all you foodies.
When one door closes, another one opens.
During the provincial election, Premier Doug Ford promised that he would do more consultation with parents on contentious issues such as Ontario’s sex ed curriculum.
If you're looking for an affordable round trip to the land of the rising sun, then Air Canada may just have what you're looking for.
It's that time of the year when ghosts, goblins, ghouls and various other forms of nightly creatures emerge from the shadows.
Never let it be said that Canada's ninth largest city is lacking in forms of artistic expression.
You know that “if I fits, I sits” meme that only applies to cats attempting to squeeze themselves into egg cartons and tiny Chinese takeout containers?
Recently, we found out that Brampton continues to boast the highest car insurance rates in Ontario.
A man has been transported to a trauma centre in serious condition following a crash on the 407 in the Mississauga area, Peel Paramedics report.
Well, this isn’t something you see everyday.On June 14, Kristian Murray was walking his dog in Brampton when he saw a massive yellow rat snake emerging from a drain.
Brampton is no stranger to investment, as it's welcomed a slew of new companies—including some very large ones—over the years.
If you’re really into shopping but occasionally shun the big name brands in favour of something a little more niche, then downtown Brampton may have a new store that’s right for you.
The Brampton Library has received a huge donation from Amazon.
Are you looking to make a little extra money this holiday season?
There are some new townhomes coming to Brampton, and they fit into a larger scheme of things for the city going forward.
This Place: This 11,000+ square foot luxury home boasts a breathtaking 3.27 acre ravine lot, an elevator, a grand foyer with a twin spiral staircase, and 11 bathrooms.
It can be hard to afford a home in Brampton, especially for new homebuyers. And if you’re a millennial like me, it’s likely that buying a home is out of the question in the near future.
A few weeks ago, an Angus Reid survey revealed that the lack of affordable housing in Toronto and the overall GTA is making people miserable (their words, not ours).
Chinguacousy Township was first surveyed in 1819, settled by immigrants from Brampton, Cumberland, North England.
Back to school is upon us!Checkout these historic images of schools and classes through the ages in Brampton provided by the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA).
If you live in Brampton, you no doubt know that Brampton’s iconic Heritage Theatre--the one that sits at 82-86 Main Street North--has been unoccupied for quite some time.
Shopper's World, Brampton's somewhat “historical” mall, has been getting a lot of press lately.