New developments galore are set to hit Brampton over the next few years, from an LRT stop, to a university, to a brand new streetscape in the downtown core, to a Riverwalk, to more centres devoted
With the new wave of rules and regulations on rental housing across the province, and the cost of living at a high, it's no surprise that renters and the housing market alike are facing some unique
Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding professions in our society. As a teacher, your contribution to shaping young minds can have lasting effects on their lives.
With the holiday season inching closer and closer by the day, it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts that are stylish, on-trend and, above all else, affordable.
Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding professions in our society. As a teacher, your contribution to shaping young minds can have lasting effects on their lives.
It seems like Brampton is one lucky city!A college student is celebrating a top prize lotto win, OLG announced this morning.
Not every subject is easy or fun and while many students in Brampton and Mississauga are growing stronger in certain areas, one tough area of study is stumping more and more students as time goes o
Do you know what the oldest restaurants in Brampton are?
Being the guy from Brampton usually means hearing "Hey, you're from Brampton, how about you bring samosas to the office potluck?" Well, there is good reason behind that request, as we have some of
I love Japanese food, especially sushi in Brampton. In fact, I love all fish, all you can eat sushi or a la carte! It doesn't matter to me.
Have you ever eaten an entire pie? Once you’ve learned the secrets of Brampton’s pie scene, you might want to.
If you love festivals in Brampton, you’ll be excited to know that a street party complete with food and live entertainment is set to take over a street in Brampton very soon!
A popular celebrity chef who hails from Brampton, and has already set up one restaurant here, is behind a brand new, unique snack bar that’s taking shape in the downtown core.
You’ve probably been wrapped in your blanket scarf with a toque on since Starbucks released their pumpkin spice latte at the beginning of the month, and now, Timmies has upped its game for fall!
Food is always exciting, especially when it’s accompanied by a festival!
We could always use another cafe in Brampton, and now, a popular cafe that opened earlier this summer is expanding to include yet another location!
Brampton's brand new Springdale Library has been in the works for some time now, and its opening has been delayed a few times.
If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of the highly-anticipated Seafood City supermarket, your patience is about to rewarded--the store is opening its doors very, very soon.
This might just be your new hangout spot in Brampton!
Are you an adult who absolutely loves to read?If so, you are in luck.
If you're into pop/punk rock (or are feeling nostalgic for the band that sang that song you liked around prom time), you might be happy to know that a popular group who has enjoyed a pretty dedicat
Life certainly isn't easy when you've got a frighteningly cold mother, a sick father (who, blissfully, can't quite remember your awful mother), wildly obtuse and inconsiderate siblings and a troubl
While film festivals—particularly world-renowned ones like TIFF—are known for attracting big name celebrities, they're also beloved for giving small films (often films about lives and subjects un
A Brampton man who moonlights as Batman is starring in a new film being featured on Vimeo as a ‘short of the week.’
Police are investigating after a man ended up in hospital after being shot in the neck in Brampton.
How they make the biggest and best Chicken & Waffles in Brampton!
If you thought the massive 40-car pileup on the 410 outside of Brampton was bad, be thankful you weren't traveling down the 401 in Bowmanville over the weekend.
The results are in, and having friends at work might actually influence how productive you are on the job.
Everyone seems to be writing about and marketing towards millennials these days, and now, research has revealed a little more about millennial purchasing habits.
If you're planning on travelling to the U.S., you might want to book your trip sooner than later.
Recently, we found that long-standing retail giant Sears is having some trouble making ends meet in a chal
The housing market remained hot all summer, and the provincial government's attempts to cool it down resulted in quite a few new measures, one of which was a Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST).
This Place: This renovated home boasts a brand new everything - it’s been renovated entirely, from the kitchen on the ground floor to the bathrooms on the second level, comple
This Place: This 3,000+ square foot home boasts a grand foyer and main level with high ceilings, a premium, spacious corner lot spot with no houses in front of it, and a surro
There's never a boring day in real estate.
Whether you learned about propaganda posters in tenth grade history class, through a documentary or a film, or otherwise, seeing them this close is definitely worth a visit to Peel Art Gallery Muse
As many people in Brampton know, one doesn’t have to travel far to find powerful art exhibitis.
This summer, an underwater search for Avro Arrow artifacts in Lake Ontario is now underway by a Canada 150 collaborative research and recovery project spearheaded by the OEX Recovery Group.
Recently, news broke that the city of Brampton has plans to sell its iconic—but currently unoccupied—Heritage Theatre.
We know there are a few Toronto and GTA detractors out there, but some are taking it to the next level by attempting to lure TO and 905 residents from their pricey urban and suburban homes to the p
We are well into the second half of the year and it’s fall already - it’s completely understandable if you need a vacation from Brampton.
If you Google celebrities - whether for free music or to find out random facts like if they’re seeing someone or what they wore at an awards show - you do so at your own risk.
As Canadians, we all love our Tim Hortons. No matter the weather, us crazy Bramptonian’s love our double-doubles and will do whatever it takes to get our caffeine fix. In fact Brampton has a whopping 26 location within our borders!