If you've been looking for a new bar and grill close to home, you're in luck! A brand new Portuguese bar and grill has recently opened its doors in downtown Brampton.
Earlier this week, it was reported that the woman who spent five days on a hospital bed in a hallway at Brampton Civic Hospital back in March
It's no secret that the housing market in Brampton and surrounding cities has never been hotter.
With over 143,000 businesses in Peel Region, many business owners benefit from tax rebates.
Condo leases are up by 3.5 per cent versus the same time last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.
LCBO workers aren't happy with the trickling (and fairly consumer friendly) roll-out of wine, beer and cider in grocery stores and they're letting the government know just how displeased they are.<
Two Brampton men have been accused of conspiring with men from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to import cocaine from Colombia and Jamaica into Toronto.
PETA is currently seeking information on the culprits who allegedly beat and l
Everyone around B-town knows that Brampton is a go-to place for samosas, doubles and jerk chicken. With the plethora of strong cultural culinary options, it is easy to overlook some of the less spicy spots. That said, Brampton has some excellent options for your morning fix: coffee, of course.
With summer around the corner, I can't wait to grab a scoop or five of delicious ice cream and cry over a breakup, eat my feelings, or you know, just take a walk around Gage Park in the heat. Ice cream clearly solves a lot of problems for me. You know what they say - I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Ah, Italian fare—arguably one of the world's most well-known and beloved cuisines. A great Italian meal is equal parts hearty and flavourful, as the country's signature dishes often boast generous servings of succulent meats, filling heaps of pasta, refreshing salads and light, warm soups.
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of April 14-21, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on inbrampton.com. 5) Symposion
Seafood City, a Filipino supermarket with over 20 locations in the U.S., is headed to Heartland Town Centre and it's actually going to be bigger than originally anticipated.
Peel Region has closed down a restaurant after a failed health inspection, marking the second closure this week in Brampton. Caribbean restaurant Gem’s House of Jerk, located on Gillingham Drive, was inspected and closed on Thursday, April 6, 2017.
People looking to celebrate birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and just general afternoons out are about to enjoy a bigger and better high tea option in Brampton.
Try finding a birthday cake, treating yo’self to a lazy lunch, or booking a big family dinner on a Monday. It may very well be the definition of ‘exercise in futility,’ no?
While we all know fitness isn't always fun, we definitely know that a few gyms do it right when it comes to attracting customers who are looking to pair their workout with a unique experience. Toprock Climbing, which opened its doors at the end of March, is the first rock climbing gym in the city and one that's ideal for a host of residents.
If you're looking for a brand new lunch (or dinner) spot, you are in luck—a brand new Caribbean fusion restaurant recently opened its door in downtown Brampton.
Brampton has a thriving and growing food scene that's about to get a little more exciting.
As the old saying goes: when one door closes, another one opens.
While almost all sporting events are exciting in their own way, there's something particularly special (pardon the unintended pun) about the Special Olympics, an acclaimed celebration of athletes with intellectual disabilities. This year, for the first time ever, the games are being sponsored by Peel Regional Police and they're set to run from July 13-16.
Events are taking place across Brampton's downtown core for Ontario's Sikh Heritage Month from April 1-April 29.
The weather is finally warming up which means it is time to break out of winter hibernation and head outside to have fun, try new experiences, and pursue your passions. Meetup.com is the perfect place to look for a new activity to try out for the first time or to gather with others that share your passion. Want to learn how to knit?
Brampton-raised poet and artist, Rupi Kaur will be taking centre stage at the Rose Theatre on Saturday April 15 as part of Sikh Heritage Month.
How they make the biggest and best Chicken & Waffles in Brampton!
If you thought the massive 40-car pileup on the 410 outside of Brampton was bad, be thankful you weren't traveling down the 401 in Bowmanville over the weekend.
A robbery in Brampton left a woman with minor injuries stemming from an attack with a long bread knife. 
Starting at 11 pm, the 'big pour at Ching Park' saw 3 million pounds of concrete poured continuously by 57 people using three pump trucks, nine power trowels and 58 truckloads of concrete.
While almost everyone has a smartphone now (there are a few flip-phone holdouts, but they’re few and far between), not everyone chooses the same one. Over the years, we’ve associated the BlackBerry user with strong business acumen and the iPhone fan with a millennial sensibility. Android users? People shirking the Apple craze.
For most people in Brampton, Pearson Airport is something we enjoy (for the most part, as airports do come with their share of inconveniences) but think of infrequently when we're not traveling.
With housing prices climbing and the general cost of living rising, few Bramptonians need the added stress of a layoff.
Keeping up with family, work, friends and life in general can be pretty overwhelming.  
Brampton renters and those looking to buy a home, not just in this city but across Ontario, knew that the interventionalist provincial government led by Kathleen Wynne, who has not been shy about using the power of government to take measures in the economy, was looking to do something about the skyrocketing costs of living in this province. And those measures have arrived.
That crash/correction that some people say is right around the corner doesn't appear to be hitting the red hot GTA market anytime soon. According to a recent Royal LePage House Price Survey, overheated home price appreciation in the region showed double-digit growth in the prices of homes across the GTA.
This Place: This spacious 4,000 square foot home boasts an elegant interior and close proximity to the Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre Address: 14 Annual CircleNeighbourhood: Credit ValleyPrice: $1,700,000
If you're a Brampton or Mississauga resident who desperately needs to renovate your home to address accessibility needs—or if you want to rejuvenate a basement or secondary suite for additional income—the Region of Peel might fund your improvements to the tune of $25,000. 
The Peel County Historic Courthouse sits on the land of the original Peel Fairgrounds. Designed by Toronto-based architect William Kauffmann, the courthouse served the county for over 100 years.
While most people know Brampton has a storied history—it houses a legendary jail, after all—not everyone knows it once had its very own radio station.
Shopper's World, Brampton's somewhat “historical” mall, has been getting a lot of press lately.
What's love got to do with it? With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you might be thinking about ideas of love and romance (positively or negatively), more than usual.
So you’ve gone out for dinner and packed up everything you couldn’t eat. The next day, you open a container and finish it off. Once you get to the bottom, then what? Is that cute Chinese-takeout-style brown paper box with wax lining recyclable? Not in Brampton! What about those hideous brass door knobs? Clothing? No dice.
Ever wish you could go back in time and and reminisce about what Brampton used to look like? Well, time travel still doesn't exist, but we have the next best thing: Technology. More specifically, Google Street View, which allows users to "rewind" back to previous years. Here are a few recent Brampton snapshots compared with ones taken within the last 10 years:
The proliferation of drone technology in the last few years has really taken off and drones have been adopted for numerous applications. We’ve all seen the use of drones to take stunning pictures of landscapes from incredible heights. In fact, Digital Dreams organizers use drones to take aerial pictures of the audience.
Like any sprawling semi-urban space, Brampton has a lot to offer in terms of food, restaurants and activities. It's home to the stunning Rose Theatre, a sophisticated shopping mall (as well as other popular retail centres) and a plethora of tasty and diverse dining options. All in all, it's a solid place to live, work and play.