A recent scam has raised alarm among businesses and employees.
It’s getting hot in here, Brampton!If you thought Wednesday was boiling, you’re in for a similar weekend.
A few short months ago, no one could stop talking about how quickly houses were being snapped up—sometimes within a day or two and often for significantly over asking.
Torstar, the company that operates The Toronto Star and Metroland Media Group (MMG), has asked inSauga.com to shut down one of its sister sites.
Brampton Fire and Emergency Services reported that two men dressed in civilian clothing went door-to-door earlier this week claiming to be fire safety inspectors.
A recent scam has raised alarm among businesses and employees.
Emergency crews are on scene at a possible house fire in Brampton.
You might want to be on star-watch, because a big producer is coming to Brampton!
Summer calls for cottaging, and if you don't have a cottage, it can be tough trying to find the perfect one for a getaway from Brampton.
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of July 8-14 based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on inbrampton.com.
Can you guess which parks are the largest in Brampton?
Wedding season is in full force until around October, and if you're getting hitched, you're likely looking for some locations to shoot incredible photos to celebrate your big day!
If you love free things and you love root beer, what might be your best day ever is around the corner.
Starbucks has a new drink, and they're doling out free samples this Friday!
Brampton has a vast, exciting and expansive restaurant scene and while most establishments offer fantastic food, a choice few go the extra mile and provide diners with absolutely exquisite surround
Whether or not you're a fan of vodka, you must admit this bottle is cool!
Ever wanted to party with vintage airplanes?
A popular Brampton Ristorante has finally reopened after a year of renovations!
Good news, food and restaurant lovers—a brand new Mexican bar and restaurant is coming to downtown Brampton.
A new Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) store has opened its doors after relocation and renovation.
Looks like Justin Trudeau is listening to some of Brampton’s finest!
If you’re a hockey fan in Brampton, now’s your chance to meet and support a former Canadian hockey player!
Garden Square has something special planned for tonight!As part of Brampton On Screen, the Square will be playing season two of the popular web series Anarkali on the big screen. 
A spin on the classic bookmobile, or traveling library, the Digital Bookmobile has been traveling across North America - so far, it’s hit 48 states and two provinces.
A Brampton man who moonlights as Batman is starring in a new film being featured on Vimeo as a ‘short of the week.’
Police are investigating after a man ended up in hospital after being shot in the neck in Brampton.
How they make the biggest and best Chicken & Waffles in Brampton!
If you thought the massive 40-car pileup on the 410 outside of Brampton was bad, be thankful you weren't traveling down the 401 in Bowmanville over the weekend.
Ah, summer! For some people, it's time to relax and take some time off work.
Two major entities with a presence in Brampton may be soon joining forces — Amazon.com Inc is proposing to acquire Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion.
With the labour market becoming more tech- and knowledge-based, adult learners will now have better access to learning essential skills to accelerate their careers.
Cell phones are a huge expense, but now, cell phone users can breathe a small sigh of relief.
While Brampton is a great place to live, life can get expensive (just like it can anywhere in the 905).   
Although we all know houses are pricey both in and outside of Brampton, you may have wondered what houses are being listed at the absolute highest prices.
Although house prices have dipped month-over-month (indicating some returning balance to the marketplace), recent news suggests purchasing a home could get more expensive.
Although home prices are declining month-over-month (but not year-over-year) and sales are decreasing in Brampton and surrounding cities (a sign of returning balance, experts say), the rental marke
As you most likely know, Brampton has produced more than a few legends.
Until the 1960s, the Region of Peel was composed of a variety of small jurisdictions, both rural townships and incorporated villages.
Recently, news broke that the city of Brampton has plans to sell its iconic—but currently unoccupied—Heritage Theatre.
Modern day winters in Brampton can be as beautiful as they are challenging.
Every city has bylaws and while some are onerous, most work to ensure residents get to enjoy their cities.
A royal couple is coming to Canada this week, and they’ll definitely be wanting their tea!
A huge, family-friendly competition is about to hit Brampton!
Well, this isn’t something you see everyday.On June 14, Kristian Murray was walking his dog in Brampton when he saw a massive yellow rat snake emerging from a drain.