Can there ever be too many festivals?Probably not.
We know, we know—this spring has been The Worst.
Chinese takeout food can be so satisfying, convenient and speedy. But it hasn't changed in a long time and that can be a good thing or a bad thing.
The best thing about dessert is how varied it is. Sometimes, you just want to grab a cupcake to go on the way home and other times, you want to sit with friends or a date in a cozy cafe and share a really decadent slice of sky-high cheesecake.
Some very inclement weather could be headed for Brampton tonight.Today's blissfully hot weather could make way for a thunderstorm, according to a Weather Network forecast.
A recent collision has blocked part of a major street in Brampton.Peel police recently announced that a crash occurred in the McLaughlin Road and Elgin Drive area. 
Police are appealing to the public for help in locating a suspect wanted in connection with an alleged sexual assault in Brampton.
We know, we know—this spring has been The Worst.
Dosa is hands down one of the best kinds of South Indian food. If you've never had a dosa, it's basically giant savory crepe.
When I think of Asian cuisine, I usually think of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian. Although I sometimes overlook Thai food, I know I shouldn't—it's an absolute gem of a cuisine.
Brampton is full of artistic talent, from poets, to singers, to visual artists, to filmmakers.
While areas of Brampton are scenic, everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time.
While there are no shortage of fun summer festivals (and festivals in general) in Brampton, it's always exciting to see a tried and true event set itself apart by offering something a little more u
You’ll be able to grab a cold pint at Taco Bell this summer before hitting the bars on Queen West, as the company targets millennials in the Greater Toronto Area.
Have you ever wanted to buy a restaurant? If you’re in the market to create a brand new concept that’s all your own or take over a successful, tried and true operation that’s just looking for a new owner, you might be surprised to find a plethora of resto-for-sale listings on MLS.
Seafood City, a Filipino supermarket with over 20 locations in the U.S., is headed to Heartland Town Centre and it's actually going to be bigger than originally anticipated.
After Target's short-lived tenure in Canada, shoppers were left wondering what stores would replace the gigantic vacant retail spaces the major American brand left in its wake when it folded in 201
If you've been looking for a new bar and grill close to home, you're in luck! A brand new Portuguese bar and grill has recently opened its doors in downtown Brampton.
Is there truly such a thing as a cupcake that's too decadent? No, there isn't. Now, a creative company that specializes in booze-infused cupcakes—yup, cupcakes made with love and adult beverages—has opened up shop in Bramalea City Centre.
If you've ever wandered by a virtual reality (VR) facility and wondered what all those smiling people in headsets were doing, wonder no more—you can soon experience virtual reality in your own backyard.
Singers, instrumentalists, rappers, and dancers are invited to audition to perform at a popular arts festival in Brampton!
Something musical is coming to Thursday nights this summer in Brampton.
Get ready for some summer foam fun, Brampton!A 5K foam festival is coming to Brampton. 
Brampton is full of artistic talent, from poets, to singers, to visual artists, to filmmakers.
How they make the biggest and best Chicken & Waffles in Brampton!
If you thought the massive 40-car pileup on the 410 outside of Brampton was bad, be thankful you weren't traveling down the 401 in Bowmanville over the weekend.
A robbery in Brampton left a woman with minor injuries stemming from an attack with a long bread knife. 
Starting at 11 pm, the 'big pour at Ching Park' saw 3 million pounds of concrete poured continuously by 57 people using three pump trucks, nine power trowels and 58 truckloads of concrete.
Perhaps you are tired from a long week of work and just want to lounge around, perhaps you have a to-do list a mile long and no desire to start hacking away at it anytime soon, or perhaps you are j
Career fairs are an excellent free resource to learn about different employers, jobs, careers, and industries, as well as continuing education.
The weather is finally warming up which means it is time to break out of winter hibernation and head outside to have fun, try new experiences, and pursue your passions. is the perfect place to look for a new activity to try out for the first time or to gather with others that share your passion. Want to learn how to knit?
Launching a startup company is no easy feat. Beyond an excellent idea, it takes commitment, resources, and courage. It can be incredibly satisfying to create an idea and build it into fruition and have it thrive. If you have invested you heart, soul, and wallet into your own startup, you certainly want to achieve your targets.
While foreign buyers have been a hot topic in the housing market recently, The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has stated that foreign buyership remains low.
The latest census numbers review the gender breakdown in Brampton, as well as the amount of dwelling types in the city and who is living in what kind of housing.
Condo leases are up by 3.5 per cent versus the same time last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.
This Place: This spacious bungalow in the Lionhead Estate Community boasts a massive lot and $340,000 in upgrades
Recently, news broke that the city of Brampton has plans to sell its iconic—but currently unoccupied—Heritage Theatre.
You might not believe it, but Brampton’s has had quite the nightlife scene over the years. Whether it was catching your local high school indie band or jamming out to the some hip hop and reggae, the city proved that you didn’t need to go all the way to downtown Toronto to have some fun.
Modern day winters in Brampton can be as beautiful as they are challenging.
The Peel County Historic Courthouse sits on the land of the original Peel Fairgrounds. Designed by Toronto-based architect William Kauffmann, the courthouse served the county for over 100 years.
As you most likely know, Brampton has produced more than a few legends.
Lottery winners are prevalent in Brampton, and while we are a lucky city, understanding how to manage a large sum of money is important for anyone who receives an unexpected financial windfal
First delightful unicorns, now this.
Like any sprawling semi-urban space, Brampton has a lot to offer in terms of food, restaurants and activities.