If you're a Brampton dweller who regularly uses the 410, you've probably wondered when the major facelift the highway is undergoing will be complete—especially since, when driving down the highway
Few things in life are better than the smell of fresh baked cupcakes.
Every driver knows to stop at a red light, but you may want to be extra diligent about how exactly you "stop." 
The race to be Brampton’s next mayor looks like it’s about to get quite heated. 
Peel Police are searching for two males and have appealed to the public for help finding them.According to police, the suspects are wanted for multiple break and enter incidents.
The race to be Brampton’s next mayor looks like it’s about to get quite heated. 
A country-wide arrest warrant has been issued in connection to what police say is the 16th homicide of the year in Peel.The incident happened in Brampton at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 16.
It’s never fun to find out about a road closure at the last minute.
If you’re looking to treat yo’self, why not splurge on a luxurious place to stay the night?
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of July 14-20, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on inbrampton.com.
Burgers have stood the test of time.
Do you know what the oldest restaurants in Brampton are?
Most Ontario drivers aren’t familiar with existing fines, penalties and dangers when it comes to impaired driving.
Prescription drug coverage is changing -under the new OHIP+ program- less than 24 hours after Ontario Premier Doug Ford unveiled his “all-star” cabinet at Queen’s Park.
Put down your phone and stop eating behind the wheel - Ontario's distracted driving laws are getting tougher, and harsher penalties are coming to drivers who break the rules.
If you're travelling, how can you not sample local food?Everyone loves to do it, and to be honest it makes your Instagram gallery look good.
There’s no such thing as too many cafes in Brampton!Especially when they’re unique and independent.
It’s hotter than hot.And there’s no better way to cool off than stuffing your whole face into a tub of ice cream, #amirite?
A very important day is coming up - it’s National French Fry day this Friday, July 13, and you can actually get free fries in Brampton in honour of the epic day.
For the past few months, the word “Jollibee” has been on everyone’s lips. Why?
Brampton is about to get a little healthier!
The craze surrounding raw and organic food isn't just for homosapians to indulge in—pets are, it appears, also becoming big consumers of specialty food products.
There’s no such thing as too much coffee or too many pastries in Brampton!Now, a popular cafe in Brampton is closing down, and a new one is opening in it’s place. 
It’s no secret that Brampton’s arts and culture scene is something to be proud of.
If you’ve ever called an Uber on a crowded street, during a huge event, or when you’re in no state to drive, you know the struggle of being unable to locate your driver.
If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your Friday night, you might want to check out this street party happening in downtown Brampton!
Calling all lovers of ribs, beer, or ribs and beer! A massive festival is set to hit Brampton for the first time and you won’t want to miss it.
Recently, we found out that Brampton continues to boast the highest car insurance rates in Ontario.
A man has been transported to a trauma centre in serious condition following a crash on the 407 in the Mississauga area, Peel Paramedics report.
Well, this isn’t something you see everyday.On June 14, Kristian Murray was walking his dog in Brampton when he saw a massive yellow rat snake emerging from a drain.
Just after midnight there was a scary moments for passengers on Air Canada Airbus 320 as it went off the runway after landing on runway 15R at Pearson International Airport.
Members of the  LGBTQ+ community in Brampton and Mississauga now have a ‘safe place’ to go when they’re in public and become the target of a hate crime.
Your bags are packed and you're headed out of town.As soon as you reach your hotel, do you check your email?
If you’re a local entrepreneur, you might be excited to learn that Brampton’s startups could soon get a boost.
A well-known company with facilities in Brampton recently announced that it will be eliminating approximately 700 positions through what the company is calling a "voluntary exit program and natural
While the real estate market in Brampton and beyond has become known for its costliness, it's actually remained somewhat steady in terms of price fluctuations over the past few months.
If you're about to go house hunting in Brampton this summer, you are not alone—people are overcoming their real estate (fears spurred by a volatile 2017 and subsequent government policy initiative
This Place: This show-stopping home is located in a prestigious neighbourhood, and boasts ample interior space, a luxurious, modern kitchen, and a sleek interior!
Chinguacousy Township was first surveyed in 1819, settled by immigrants from Brampton, Cumberland, North England.
Brampton has an incredibly rich history — Chinguacousy Township was first surveyed in 1819, settled by immigrants from Brampton, Cumberland, North England.
With the upcoming royal wedding this weekend, it’s the perfect time to take a look at some historic wedding fashions from the vaults of Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA)!
While most people are still reeling from the colourful provincial election (you know, the one that saw the Liberals face a resounding defeat at the hands of polarizing candidate Doug Ford--the man w
So, you’re home from work or school, or binge-watching shows on a lazy Sunday, using the ever-handy streaming service Netflix. It’s a common situation.
After Brampton City Council infamously nixed the Hurontario Light-Rail Transit (LRT) project running down Main Street to Brampton GO Station, many residents were confused about why.
1. You can park for free in downtown Brampton's five municipal parking garages on evenings, weekends, and holidays.