5 Places to Visit in Brampton During Labour Day Weekend


This year, Labour Day falls on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019. As for where the day comes from, it originally gave workers the chance to campaign for better working conditions and pay, but now it's part of a long weekend to relax.

And while some people are using the last long weekend of summer to get away, others are using the time to relax at home. If you're spending this weekend at home and trying to plan what you're going to do, we have you covered.

Here are five places to visit in Brampton this Labour Day weekend. 


What Macaronz lacks in tea options, it excels at in tea experience. What I mean by that is, while Macaronz in downtown Brampton doesn't have too many options for tea, it does serve the only high tea in Brampton, which puts it at number two on this list. In terms of tea, Macaronz typically offers a black and a green tea option from the Sloane tea company. Sloane makes very indulgent, flavourful teas, and my personal favourite is the Heavenly Cream. It's a black tea that's creamy, floral, and has its own hints of sweetness, perfect with a splash of milk. The high tea experience at Macaronz is really yummy, featuring such finger foods as quiche, scones, eclairs, shortbread cookies, and, of course, macarons! Yum.

NOTE: Macaronz is closed on Monday!

Iggy's Grill Bar Patio

Iggy's is the restaurant at Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre, located at Mississauga Road and Financial Drive, and whether or not you play golf, you can still eat there and hang out on their comfortable patio. Their patio is so lovely that they had to include "patio" in their restaurant name! The patio at Iggy's is half covered and half not covered, and the covered section has the option of tables or cozy couches for seating. I actually sat in the covered section while it was raining - it was gorgeous, I didn't get rained on, and I still got to be outside. The patio also overlooks a small section of their golf course, which gives it a pretty and quaint vibe. Iggy's is a little hard to find though - when you get to the golf club, the best way to find it is by walking around to the back of the building!


Another golf club patio, NINE18 is the restaurant at Turnberry Golf Club, located at Bovaird and Southlake across the street from Lowe's. NINE18's patio boasts an incredible view of their golf course and the houses and skyline beyond. Moreover, their patio is the largest on this list, and I might even go so far as to say it's the largest in Brampton. There is plenty of space for large or small groups, and you can get cozy in their sheltered area or be in the open area to absorb as much Vitamin D as possible. There's usually a good buzz of conversation happening, which makes this patio good for brunch, a casual drink, or evening appetizers, with scenic greenspace to boot. You will be surprised that a space like this exists in Brampton, and fair warning, their patio may become your new favourite summer hangout spot!

NOTE: NINE 18 is closed on Monday!

Carl Laidlaw Orchards

Farmers Mark and Laura welcome guests to pick apples and pears in September and October on Heritage Road in Brampton. You’ll find over 20 varieties of apples and three types of pears. You can take a wagon ride into the orchards, pick fresh fruits, make an apple pie, simply jump in the hay barn and shop from the barn market. Try out a day at the farm and you’re sure to go back next season too.

NOTE: Carl Laidlaw Orchards is closed on Monday!

Photo courtesy of Olive To Go

White Spruce Park (10302 Heart Lake Road)

South of Heart Lake Conservation Area sits White Spruce Park, a scenic 54-acre park great for dogs, sports, and taking a leisurely walk. White Spruce has baseball diamonds, tennis courts, one of the only leash-free dog spaces in the city, and even a disc-golf course. Further, White Spruce has some incredible trails, perfect for an evening stroll or a mini daytime hike.

Where are you spending Labour Day this year?

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