80s Icon Performs at Brampton's Rose Theatre


Molly Ringwald finally made her pitstop in Brampton with more than 200 performance venues under her belt.

Ringwald and her jazz band performed a two-set show at the Rose Theatre on Thurs. Apr. 19.

She may be known for her acting in those various John Hughes films from the '80s, but she started out singing with her father, who was a jazz musician.

For her performances Ringwald chooses from the Great American Songbook and then makes them jazzy.

To Ringwald, the music from that era is about love — it’s “the most important thing," Ringwald told the crowd in

between songs during her first set.

"You can't really find anything to be more profound than love."

Love, and songs about spring time, make Ringwald the happiest when she gets to sing them.

And they're crowd-pleasers, too.

Margaret Boyd said she was interested in coming to see Ringwald because she wanted to find out if she was a good singer.

"I remember The Breakfast Club," Boyd said.

"I know absolutely nothing about her, but I loved her as an actress."

Boyd is a member of The Royal Theatre so she gets notifications whenever a new act comes to town.

But some people, such as Louie De Leon, came all the way from Toronto just to see Ringwald.

"I was a big fan back in the '80s," he said.

"I've seen all of her movies."

De Leon said that in the Philippines, where he’s originally from, Ringwald is huge.

People there love her and he came to the event partially for them.

And that's another reason that he took the three-hour trek--there was a crash on the Gardiner--to Brampton from Toronto.

"I was surprised to know she sings," De Leon said.

The Brampton show was Ringwald's last before they head to Chicago in June.

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