A Brand New Burrito Joint Just Opened in Brampton


Mexican fast food lovers rejoice - a new burrito spot is now open in Brampton!

Burritos, quesadilla, burrito bowls, and more, Brampton’s newest burrito joint is called Chico Burrito.

Chico Burrito just opened at 400 Steeles Avenue East, in the same plaza as Brewster's Roadhouse, near Steeles and Kennedy.

What’s on the menu? 

For one, there are burritos and quesadillas stuffed with chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie soy, and fish. Then, there are giant portions of nachos that you can top with similar things, and even “Salad Fiestas” with your choice of chicken or shrimp with avocado. 

Here’s something really unique - Chico Burrito serves up bacon burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and more! So if you’re a bacon-lover, you’ll want to head over ASAP.

I tried the chicken burrito, and it was filling, there was a good ratio of toppings that are mixed together well inside, the hot sauce had a flavourful kick, and the burrito was grilled properly on both sides on a flat stove, similar to how Burrito Boyz does it. 

The service is also quick and kind, so that’s a bonus. 

As for seating space, the burrito joint is quite small, but there are two tall tables and some stool-style seating along the wall if you choose to chow down at the resto. 

This place is also close enough to Sheridan College and major plazas in the area that it’s likely to have a heavy lunch rush!

Over all, Chico Burrito makes a great burrito in a clean space and a prime location - yum!

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