A New Bubble Tea Place is Coming to the Bramalea City Centre


Who doesn't love bubble tea? A tea-based, cold, sweet drink where tea, fruit, and milk all come together in one delicious cup; toss in some “bubbles” - tapioca pearls - or fruit jelly, and your bubble tea is complete!

Whether or not you can walk into a bubble tea shop and flawlessly order a taro milk tea with pearls, it is definitely worth your time. While there are plenty of places to get one in Brampton…you may be happy to know there is another, this time at Bramalea City Centre.

A quick walk through the BCC South End Food Court indicates that a Kin-Kin Bakery and Bubble Tea is coming soon.This will be the second Kin Kin location known to open in Brampton. They currently have a location at Shoppers World at Main Street and Steeles Avenue.

Kin Kin styles itself as "a humble Chinese bakery business that sells Hong Kong style buns, cakes, bubble tea, slushies and smoothies".

More information to follow on this new opening.

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