A Number of Brampton Neighbourhoods Could Be Changing


The Vision 2040 plan in Brampton has certainly gotten people talking.

Even if the Singaporean style architecture and designs as envisioned in the plans may not come to full fruition, the idea of reexamining Brampton communities and neighbourhoods, how they look and what can be improved upon, has certainly come up in public discussion.

One of the 28 actions in Vision 2040 calls for a complete Neighbourhood Audit Program to systematically update and revitalize existing neighbourhoods to ensure the full provisions for sustainable living, as stated by Neighbourhood Watch Brampton.

With direction from council, three neighbourhoods (old, middle aged, and relatively newly developed) were chosen to pilot the audit program to better understand the feasibility of the program in the future.

Those Brampton neighbourhoods chosen as the pilot locations are:

  • The E-section of Bramalea (see picture below).

  • Gore-Castlemore.

  • Sheridan College.

Bramalea’s E-section in proportion to the Bramalea City Centre.

Starting on September 15 and over the next 5 weeks, residents and community members are invited to participate in neighbourhood walks, mental mapping sessions and workshops.

The session on Bramalea E-section took place in September and the one for Gore-Castlemore on October 27. But residents are invited on November 11 to attend the workshop for the Sheridan College neighbourhood.

Through the Nurturing Neighbourhoods pilot program we want residents to both celebrate and be critical of their neighbourhoods in order to develop present and future solutions to local concerns and garner a sense of pride in where they live,” Neighbourhood Watch says on their website.

For more information on this project, contact Tristan Costa with the City of Brampton at tristan [dot] costa [at] brampton [dot] ca (tristan [dot] costa [at] brampton [dot] ca.)

Are you ready to see if you can remake your local neighbourhood in Brampton?

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