A Popular Brampton Bubble Tea Joint Just Introduced Three New Summer Drinks


A beloved Brampton bubble tea joint has just introduced some amazing summer drinks!

Located at 10625 Creditview Road, Bean & Pearl creates customizable drinks that are rich in flavour. Visitors can choose between two sizes (regular and large), different temperatures (hot, iced, no ice, less ice, regular, extra ice, or blended ice) and a sweetness level (none, quarter, half, regular, or extra sweetness).

The unique joint blends coffee and bubble tea in an experience that people couldn’t find just anywhere.

We wanted to create a partnership between the coffee bean and tapioca pearl. But it became more than that, it became a union,” says Bean & Pearl.

The bubble tea joint has introduced a new orchard line for a limited time only.

The line includes three new drinks.

The first is the Peach Mango Black Tea, which has notes of bitter Assam Tea and hints of sweet peach and mango. 

The next drink is the Peach Green Tea Lemonade, which is a combination of sweet and sour flavours of peach and lemon.

The last drink is the Peaches & Cream, which is the perfect balance of sweetness and tart all in one shake.

Bean & Pearl has been a fan-favourite since their opening in 2017.

People can also try their classics like jasmine green tea, honeydew, Hokkaido, taro, and mango, or their featured flavours like cookies and cream, cheesecake, or red bean. People can even choose from a bunch of toppings, including tapioca, cheese milk foam, and panna cotta.

Will you be trying Bean & Pearl’s new orchard series soon?

10625 Creditview Road
Brampton, Ontario

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