A Popular Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Joint Just Closed Down In Brampton


If you love pizza — as you should — you may find it hard to hear that a deep dish pizza joint is closing down in Brampton. 

Chi Pie Pizza, which opened in November 2017 in a plaza near Mayfield and Hurontario, has closed down. 

Many sites, including Google and Yelp, are reporting that the joint is permanently closed. Additionally, their phone number is coming up unavailable. 

After several questions from many residents, the popular deep dish pizza joint finally took to Facebook to share a message. 

We are moving locations and are temporarily closed. Stay tuned for more details,” stated the restaurant on its Facebook page on July 21. 

They have yet to report more details about their next venture — including if they are staying in Brampton — and have not contacted InBrampton back as of yet. 

Chi Pie Pizza’s name was inspired by Chicago-style deep dish pizza, which is literally a pizza baked in a deep dish — the crust is typically two or three inches high, the pizza is baked in a round steel pan for 30 minutes, and the coolest part is one pizza weighs about four pounds.

It’s a lot of bang for your buck. The joint offered many different types of deep dish pizza, including the Chicago Classic with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, Al’s Alibi with caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta, and basil, and even Mobster Meatball with beef meatballs, mushrooms, and ricotta. 

Prices ranged from $15.95 to $24.95 depending on the kind and size of pizza you get (medium or large). 

Alongside classic deep dish pizzas, Chi Pie Pizza also served regular crust pizza that you can choose your own toppings for, chicken wings, garlic bread, and potato wedges. You could even get some great combo deals, the biggest combo being The Big Deal with two Pizzas, six toppings combined, 20 wings, a pound of potato wedges, four cans of pop, and two dipping sauces!

Would do you think about Chi Pie Pizza closing down? Do you think they will move outside of Brampton? 

3088 Mayfield Road
Brampton, Ontario

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