A World-Renowned Art Installation Is Coming To Bramalea City Centre


A world-renowned and trendy art installation is coming to Bramalea City Centre to tell people to love bigger!

Canadian Artist Wendy Williams Watt is bringing the Big Love Ball installation to Bramalea City Centre from July 4 to 7. The art installation will be located at the Hudson’s Bay Court.

Watt is an interior designer, art director and former retailer. The Big Love Ball aims to deliver a physical expression of the feeling when people interact genuinely with open hearts.

The Big Love Ball has appeared in many magazines and newspapers such as the O Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Tonight, Elle Decor Spain, Buzzfeed, Hello! Canada, The Globe and Mail, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Us Weekly.

We all want to declare how we feel. And I am certain there is no lack of love and empathy amongst us. I do feel that we are apprehensive to express love for fear of rejection. My goal has been to create public gestures that chip away at the bedrock of cynicism in which we currently find ourselves,” says Watt.

The Bramalea City Centre interactive installation will include an enormous Big Love Ball constellation with over 15 five-foot Big Love Ball in white with the emboldened word “Love” across their breadth arranged in molecular clusters reaching 15 feet high and twenty feet in length. Visitors will also be able to sign the Big Love Ball, which will be on display in another activation in the future. People will also have the opportunity to sit and write love notes enjoining a continent-wide wave called the “You Are Loved Notes Project.”

We are excited that Wendy is taking her Big Love Ball installation to Bramalea City Centre. We also have space at BCC so we figured why not house the Big Love Ball installation here? It’s wonderful art that I’m sure our community will definitely enjoy,” says Marketing Director at Bramalea City Centre Eleni Koukoulidis.

This installation has gained an enormous following and has been featured at underground art dens, the red carpet and even the hallways of underserved schools. Along with formal appearances throughout Toronto this summer, Watt intends to 'pop up' in unexpected places. Big Love Ball is “a love note to seven billion,” says Watt. If you see it, it's meant for you.

Photos courtesy of Big Love Ball

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