Another Wild Temperature Swing Forecasted for Brampton


To say we've been experiencing erratic weather is an understatement—the swings in temperature have been quite jarring.

Now, another big swing is in the forecast for Brampton and surrounding cities.

This morning, the day began at a very chilly -3 degrees (temperatures are now sitting at about zero), but The Weather Network says we'll hit a lovely (but rainy, sadly) high of 12 degrees tomorrow.

That's a 15 degree swing in a 24 hour period (give or take a couple hours).

Oddly enough, it looks like we could experience a mix of rain and snow tomorrow, despite the warmer temperatures.

Fortunately, some more spring-like temperatures are in store for Brampton and other GTA cities. While the weekend will be on the cooler side (2 and 5 degrees, respectively), next week should heat up a little more with highs of 10 and 12 degrees.

Perhaps spring has finally sprung?


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