Big Changes Proposed For Brampton Transit


A new transit facility may be coming to Brampton!

Brampton's City Council has been looking at building an indoor transit facility at 10192 Highway 50.

The proposed facility will allow Brampton Transit to meet the increasing demands of a growing population. It will also help the city meet its’ vision of an environment-friendly, green community.

The proposed control centre will support future technology enhancements such as electrification in hopes to provide reliable, on-time service to its riders.

The new facility will expand its customer service call centre, add additional maintenance hoists and increase the number of their bus wash bays. It will be a specialized space for maintenance of new technologies, articulated buses and hybrid engines.

According to the city, while indoor storage costs more initially to construct, there are significant operational benefits to this type of facility. Vehicles are not exposed to severe cold or heat that can have a considerable impact on various components of the vehicle. In addition, minor vehicle maintenance procedures can be done while in the storage area, reducing space requirements in the actual maintenance area.

This would be the city's third indoor storage facility. There is already a storage facility on Sandalwood and one on Clark that holds Brampton Transit buses.

What do you think of this proposed transit facility?

Photo courtesy of City of Brampton

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