Big Infrastructure News for Brampton


Roads, transit, water systems, and beyond - some say a city is only as strong as its infrastructure. Now, Brampton is getting a big investment from the federal government that will bring upgrades to the entire city.

The feds recently announced that the first of two annual funding transfers is now available for more than 600 communities across the province, under the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF).

And it means Brampton is getting $16,687,066 for its infrastructure projects.

It’s true that Brampton is already planning for the windfall.

Bridge repairs, new buses, new bus shelters, bus upgrades, road resurfacing projects, and even community centre repairs are all part of the plan, according to the City’s most recent budget rundown.

What exactly is the GTF?

“The GTF is a long-term, indexed source of funding that supports local infrastructure projects in more than 600 communities across the province each year,” reads a recent statemnet from the federal government.“The City of Toronto is planning to put its share into the replacement and renewal of its transit fleet to improve passenger safety and mobility. In the Town of Uxbridge, residents will enjoy smoother and safer roads thanks to major road reconstruction throughout the community. In the Municipality of Central Huron, residents will see the existing storm collection system improved thanks to a new storm drain bypass on Mary Street, relieving flooding during heavy rainfall events.”

The GTF addresses the “most pressing local needs.” The money comes to Brampton through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

It’s providing over $819 million this year for municipal infrastructure projects across Canada.

To learn more about the GTF, click here.

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