Brampton Candidate Releases Rap Video for Voters


A typical election candidate’s campaign ad usually involves the person running walking around the community, meeting with people, outlining their promises once they get into office.

But sometimes, there needs to be a little creativity to spice things up.

Case in point, a Brampton candidates named Everton Dwight Campbell, who is running for regional councillor in Wards 2 and 6, has put together a rap video to introduce himself to the voters in his area.

The video is titled “It’s D’wight Way To Go (Roll Up My Sleeves),” a playful use of the candidate’s middle name and indicative of a call to action. Campbell, who says he was inspired in 2014 by John Tory to “follow his dreams”, raps about bringing more jobs (occupations), youth engagement, while addressing issues such as fees, taxes and auto insurance.

He is accompanied by a ‘backup’ named Uncle Buzz, who touts that a vote for Campbell is a vote for the future, in contrast to the ‘same old politicians’ saying the same old things.

Wards 2 & 6 encompasses parts of the north and west side of Brampton and is currently contested by eight candidates for the regional council position. Campbell is running against incumbent Michael Palleschi, as well as Gurpreet Bains, Shannon Iyer, Allan Jones, Lateef Khaliq, Nisha Luthra and Raghav Patel.

Municipal elections are this Monday, October 22.

Although this rap video was specifically about the political candidate and he was talking about how he should get into city hall to fix a myriad of problems, there is definitely a vibe of positivity exuding from this production and hope for the future.

Whether Campbell is successful or not in his political aspirations, he can definitely fall back on a potential music career.

His video certainly gives off better vibes about Canada’s ninth largest city than this…

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