Brampton Cannabis Company To Distribute New Medicinal Products


A new array of cannabis-based products by a Brampton company have been given the go-ahead by Health Canada to start production.

Pure Health Global Inc., a consumer products cannabis company, has said via news release that it has been granted a sales license from Health Canada that will allow it to start producing cannabis oils to the Canadian market.

These products range from oils and capsules to vape pens, topicals and sprays. Pure Health has also stated that it has the capacity to also purify, formulate, extract and process a volume of 10 kg of oil per day, up to 10,000 capsules per hour, 10,000 vape cartridges per hour, and 2,000 (60ml) tincture bottles per hour.

Patients who use cannabis products for medicinal purposes will also be involved while these new products are being developed, as the company's pharmaceutical formulations team will develop quality, non-combustible cannabis extracts.

Eight new cannabis strains were acquired by Pure Health, which include high CBD strains and premium craft cultivars, all of which will soon become available to medical and legal adult use consumers through its online store and provincial retail partners.

“We are excited about the next stages of our business as our production systems come online, we solidify our brand position for the medical and consumer channels, and we initiate the scalable manufacturing of various product lines intended for Canadian and international markets,” CEO of PureSinse and Pure Global said.

“Most exciting are the lines of CBD-based products we are looking to deploy shortly into the medical, cosmetics, and wellness categories, with a view to helping meet the growing demand in Europe and additional countries as they come online,” he said.

While the company’s Brampton campus has facilities for cultivation, R&D, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution, it is using the Canadian market as a springboard to develop and manufacture quality cannabis products for international sale with a goal to become one of the most trusted premium international cannabis brands.

More information can be found on the company's site.

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