Brampton City Council Proposing To Ban All Election Campaign Signs


If you are tired of campaign volunteers asking you if they can put up an election campaign sign on your yard, then you may be glad to hear that two Brampton councillors are trying to ban this.

The motion, which was first introduced by Councillor Rowena Santos and seconded by Councillor Doug Whillans, aims to ban election campaign signs.

And, now Brampton's City Council is exploring the disadvantages and advantages of banning election campaign signs.

The motion was first introduced at a council meeting in June. But, the council has not changed any by-laws as of yet.

At the meeting, the members of the council showed very different perspectives on the proposed ban. Some councillors thought the ban would be against the democratic process as Brampton residents would not be able to express their political views while others thought it would be great for the environment.

Many Canadian cities have been debating if they should ban election campaign signs stating that most election signage ends up in the waste and has minimal effect on voters’ opinions.

The proposed ban will be applicable to all election campaign signs at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

The council is now exploring the impact of the enforcement of illegal election campaign signs on staff resources, provisions in the city's Sign By-law as it relates to election campaign signage, and information provided to municipal candidates in this regard.

The council has now agreed to research into the costs and benefits related to banning election campaign signs and has requested a staff report by January 2020.

What do you think of this proposed ban on election campaign signs?

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