Brampton City Councillor Read Mean Tweets on Facebook


When one encounters negativity, the best thing to overcome it is to meet it with positive energy, right?

That’s exactly what Brampton City Councillor of Ward 7 and 8 Charmaine Williams is doing.

Responding to some negative-filled comments on her Facebook page, Councillor Williams seems to have found some positive inspiration from famous comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel’s show has a segment called “Mean Tweets,” in which celebrities and public figures would come on and give their thoughts on often hate-spewed thoughts were directed their way.

Although she is not shy of controversy, it’s pretty safe to say that Councillor Williams wasn’t too shabby in her go around at her own version of the segment, dealing with some pretty nasty comments with poise and calmness.

As a city councillor should.

Do you think more city councillors should show their personality through social media like this?

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