Brampton Commuters Continue to Express Frustration with Overcrowding


Since last week when it was revealed that the recent changes to the Kitchener GO line resulted in massive overcrowding at train platforms because of increased ridership coming from west of Georgetown, commuters have been taking to social media to voice their frustrations.

Here’s one commuters showing text alerts they received regarding delays on the Kitchener line.

Another commuter took a picture of the platform, dated January 17, for the 4:35 pm train:The person who took this picture, Rian, received an answer back from the Kitchener Train twitter account saying that more coaches were added to the train and they were ‘looking to resolve the issue” and making adjustments. But Rian’s response was less than satisfied, to say the least.

Another commuter pointed out the amount of time it took to get from the platform to the concourse.

Here’s more frustration shown towards GO Transit over what sounded to this commuter like a hollow answer.

Brampton NDP MPP Sara Singh called on the Transportation Minister to increase service times, and Mayor Patrick Brown called for the return of the rush hour express train, which is a similar view expressed by some of the commuters.

It looks like most people believe the ideal solution to this commuter overcrowding mess is to put the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube, if that can be done.

Do you think the provincial government should bring back the express train on Brampton and put the schedule back to the way it was?

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