Brampton Considers Bylaw Amendment to Protect Tenants From Extreme Heat


Although most people are enjoying this unseasonably warm fall (which is more than making up for a disappointingly wet and cold summer), the unexpected heat is concerning tenants who fear their landlords might turn off the air conditioning (it is officially fall, after all).

The City of Brampton recently announced that it's going to be holding an emergency special council meeting to consider the Adequate Heat By-law 240-92 in light of this unusually hot September weather.

The meeting will be held in council chambers at City Hall at noon.

According to the city, the bylaw requires, among other vital services, adequate and suitable heat to be provided by a landlord in rental accommodations in the colder months between September 15 and June 1 to a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius. There is no requirement of landlords to turn off air conditioning by a certain date.

A link to the livestream of this emergency special council meeting will be available here.

Are you a Brampton tenant who is worried that your landlord might kill the air sooner rather than later out of habit? If so, you might want to watch the meeting to see what the city proposes.

We'll keep you updated on more details as they emerge.

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