Brampton Could Soon Have a Year-Round Farmers' Market


Can you imagine having a year-round, indoor farmers’ market right here in Brampton?

The concept of a St. Lawrence-style indoor farmers’ market has been on the table since 2016, and City staff are now moving forward with the discussion on such aspects as possible locations and feasibility for the development. 

Currently, the year-round indoor market project has completed Phase Three in a three-phase program, wherein J.C. Williams Group Limited has conducted a business model strategy for a possible indoor market in Brampton. This means that we could indeed be getting a glorious new local marketplace within the foreseeable future.

According to a recent report from the City, “Staff is seeking support to determine a site and develop a detailed preliminary implementation plan, which would include: building plan for multi-use building, building design, detailed building costs, detailed tenant mix and market layout, detailed operational plan and key stakeholders and project partners.”

Phase Three is under review, and if the project moves forward, “Staff would return to Council as part of the 2019 budget process to seek approval to go ahead with the implementation plan for the year-round indoor market, including required funding.”

Phase Two determined that the location for the marketplace would likely be in downtown Brampton — which will be quite busy already with the university and streetscape improvements coming — and the market’s purpose would go beyond selling food and product from local vendors. 

According to the City, an indoor marketplace in Brampton would be unique or “absolutely other” from all other markets in the Greater Toronto Area, it would reflect Brampton and appeal to our diverse communities and young population, have growth capacity, be sustainable, environmentally conscious, technology-based and entrepreneurial, and build on Brampton’s existing farmers’ market.

Basically, the City aims for the Downtown Brampton Indoor Market to be appealing, contain service for local residents, and unique and interesting enough to attract residents from across the GTA.

The market would incorporate fresh, local food and everyday products, ethnic food and ingredients, possibly a small kitchen or two that could be used as event space, too, and even an area for small food producers to showcase packaged products that are produced on-site or in the Brampton area. 

As for size and space, “It is highly recommended that the market be 25,000 square feet on the main level with an additional 15,000 square feet on a second level to accommodate such elements as the commercial kitchen and the demonstration kitchen/event space.”

There are currently a few farmers’ markets that already run in Brampton, and all of them are outdoor: Downtown Brampton Farmers’ Market, Downtown Brampton Harvest Market, and Mount Pleasant Village Market. An indoor marketplace could add a new level to Brampton’s culture scene and provide a unique space that’s open rain, snow, or shine.

This new kind of farmers’ market in Brampton could open within three to five years, according to the Phase Three report.

A site has not yet been confirmed, but here’s a look at the concept image from the report:

Where do you think the year-round indoor market should set up shop?

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