Brampton Council Makes Changes to City Taxi Laws


Brampton Council has approved changes to laws that will give taxi companies and drivers a chance to compete with ride-sharing services like Uber.

A recent staff report presented to the Council stated that ever since ride-sharing vehicles became legal in the city last year, more and more taxis have been becoming inactive.

The report also said taxi fares declined by 16% in 2018. 

Due to the fact that there are many more regulations for taxis compared to ride-sharing vehicles, many taxi companies in Brampton have been asking the Council to lessen the restrictions. 

The Council discussed the difficulties facing taxi services at a meeting held on Wednesday (June 12). They eventually voting unanimously in favour of a motion present by Councilor Pat Fortini, giving taxi services fairer regulations.

The changes made include:

  • Making emergency lights no longer mandatory
  • Removing the fee for tariff card replacements.
  • Allowing third-party criminal record checks.
  • Allowing for a $10 fee for 4 or more passengers/special van orders.
  • Bringing back the taxi advisory committee to meet twice annually.
  • Allowing drivers to mail-in and online renewals.
  • Allowing taxi brokerages to use an app during nighttime hours.
  • Allowing detachable stickers.
  • And allowing new meter technologies.

The Council held off on changing regulations regarding security cameras, as some councillors said making them optional may be unsafe.

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