Brampton council passes resolution to restrict signs


At a recent meeting, Brampton City Council passed a resolution that will restrict the posting of signs that identify, or contain references to a social media account or candidate, pending completion of the City's Sign By-law review. 

The resolution stated that “in the interest of balancing freedom of speech with the visual landscape of signage in Brampton, that the usage of signs identifying an elected official or candidate (referring to a Member of Council, provincial or federal office, or including a photo, website or social media link thereof), not be permitted until such time as the review of Sign By-law 399-2002 has concluded or an amendment thereto has been considered by Council.”

This resolution will continue to allow posting of "slow down" signs as Brampton continues to review the Sign By-law as per the statement from January 9, 2020, threatening to charge parents who displayed the Please Slow Down signs.

Despite this, any "slow down" sign or other signs in general, which were erected after January 22, 2020, must still conform to the Council resolution.

This includes the requirement that no website referenced may identify an elected official. 

Such signs must also continue to comply with all other requirements of the Sign By-law, including the requirement that the signs be erected on private property and not in the road right-of-way, are limited in size to 4.3 square feet and may not be erected within a visibility triangle.

It is recommended that residents check their property surveys to confirm the limits of their property boundaries.

More information on general regulations and prohibitions relating to signs can be found in Section 5 of the Sign By-law.

It is important to remember that advertising on City property including bus shelters, is governed by a Council-approved policy relating to Advertising on City Property and is not subject to the Sign By-law.

The City expects the outcome of its comprehensive Sign By-law review to be presented to City Council later this year.

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