Brampton Council Supports More Police Stations in the City


A new police building may be on it’s way to Brampton.

During a City Council meeting held last month (May 22), council members unanimously voted in favour of a motion that supports a possible new Peel police detachment in the downtown area.

The motion was first tabled by Mayor Patrick Brown.

"I've been in conversation with our chief of police about concerns we've had with public safety in the downtown,” said Brown during the meeting. “They're working on looking at having a detachment in our downtown, but I thought a council motion to amplify that request would be appreciated,"

The council responded very positively to the motion, and it even started more conversation on future detachments throughout the city.

The current motion only supports a downtown station, but future discussions will be held for detachments in other areas of the city.

What do you think about the addition of a new police detachment?

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