Brampton councillor calls for "day of healing" to commemorate Canada's first school mass shooting


Brampton City Councillor Charmaine Williams is calling on city council to proclaim May 28, 2020, as a "Day of Healing and Remembrance" to acknowledge the 45th anniversary of the Brampton Centennial Secondary School (BCSS) shooting, that left 13 people wounded and three dead.

45 years ago the unthinkable thing happened in Brampton. It's important that we remind residents that victims of this incident are still with us and acknowledge the terrible lost lives and loss of innocence,” said Williams the City Councillor.

The shooting at BCSS marked the first time in Canadian history that anyone had been killed in a mass school shooting in Canada.

This incident has scarred the lives of the surviving victims and their families. Back then the idea of grief counselling and post-traumatic stress were unheard of. Many people suffered in silence," added Williams. "Unfortunately, Covid-19 prevents us from coming together as a community. We need to do this in a virtual way, in order to maintain physical distancing,” said Williams.

The healing process for many still continues, which is why Williams is moving a motion to be considered at the May 13, 2020, city council meeting.

The motion will be seconded by Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros.

In 2017, the community banded together to install a memorial called, “The Healing Place” located on the grounds of BCSS.

I believe that Brampton City Council should proclaim May 28, 2020 as a "Day of Healing and Remembrance" in recognition of a tragic event that occurred in our community."

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