Brampton councillor calls for mandatory body cameras on all police officers in Ontario


Brampton councillor, Charmaine Williams has called for mandatory body cameras for all police officers across the province of Ontario.

"The time to debate is over. The time to take action is now. It’s time to make body cameras mandatory for front line police officers in Ontario," said Williams. 

Williams, who represents the City of Brampton's wards 7 and 8, is calling on all residents of Ontario to sign her petition to the provincial legislature that is asking the government to make body cameras mandatory for all police services in the province.

”Cameras will help both police and members of the public. Videos of police arrests, and all interactions, will aid in the prosecution of the guilty and the exoneration of the innocent,” said Williams.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has recently given the idea about Peel Regional Police wearing body cameras thought and said he would “bring a motion forward to the Police Services Board in Peel.”

Although Williams supports the Mayor's effort, she believes more needs to be done.

I represent residents in Brampton, which is served by the Peel Regional Police Service, but residents I represent travel to different regions of the province served by different police departments, on a daily basis,” said Williams.

They should be served by cops with body cameras wherever they are in Ontario.”

Williams is asking members of the public to share the petition with friends and family.

I will forward the petition to the Ontario legislature in the coming weeks. It's time,” she said.

The petition can be found at

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