Brampton councillor concerned over “blurred lines” between church and state


In a recent council meeting, Brampton Wards 3 and 4 Coun. Martin Medeiros stated that council is putting too much of a focus on the wrong priorities ultimately creating an unclear distinction between church and state.

Medeiros voiced his concerns after delegations from church groups who would like council to declare the month of December as "Christian Heritage Month." Brampton resident Sam Kunjicka spoke up during the meeting about religious interference in government and advocated for a Christian Heritage month.

"I think when we start bringing religion into public domain, we start blurring the lines of how we govern," said Medeiros.

"I do believe in the separation between religion and governance," he said, explaining that they partake in celebrations for other groups because they're "minorities," adding that it makes them feel integrated into Brampton's community.

 "I, as a Catholic, find that it undermines my Christian heritage and my faith because I celebrate every day," he said. "This, to me, really has no standing."

Council has made tributes to various other religions in the past, including the recent controversial decision to rename part of Peter Robertson Boulevard after Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion.

"This is one of those internal conflicts, that as my role as a municipal leader, this is maybe not the place where I think we need to celebrate," said Medeiros.

"I think as we keep bringing this into council, we lose focus in the separation of what we're here doing," he concluded.  

Council resolved the valuable contribution of Christians to the "spiritual, philanthropic, cultural and economic well-being to the city of Brampton," resulting in the Mayor and Brampton city council to endorse December 2019 and beyond as “Christian Heritage Month.”

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