Brampton councillor moves motion to provide free masks for transit riders


Charmaine Williams, Brampton councillor for Wards 7 and 8, recently moved a motion to provide free masks for transit riders. 

Williams’ plan to distribute free masks to Brampton transit riders passed its first hurdle at a Committee of Council meeting on June 3. 

Brampton transit had over 2 million riders in January of 2020. Ridership has dropped dramatically since then, costing the city of Brampton as much as $22 million in lost revenue,” said Williams.

Transit riders deserve to be safe. Brampton should do everything we can to keep our transit staff and transit customers healthy, and our transit system financially viable.”

Williams believes that the City of Brampton should do everything possible to encourage its residents to use public transit again once the economy starts to open up.

Providing a complementary non-medical mask will go a long way to restoring people’s confidence in our system and will increase ridership in a gradual way.”

Transit riders in the City of Brampton can spend as much as $160 per month going to and from work or school. 

A $2 mask is a small investment to bring riders back to our system when we are ready to open up the local economy. Ask anyone if a one-time $100,000 investment with an $8 million monthly return is a good deal and they will tell you yes,” concluded Williams.

It’s good for transit riders and it’s a good deal for taxpayers.”

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