Brampton councillor says city should apologize for threatening residents who put up signs


Brampton City Councillor Charmaine Williams recently released a statement in regard to the Please Slow Down signs that were posted by residents around the city.

In the statement, Williams said that the city should apologize for threatening to charge parents who displayed the Please Slow Down signs last year in a media statement.

Williams then revealed the existence of a legal opinion confirming that her Please Slow Down signs are in fact legal when placed on private property.

I have read the legal opinion and it proves that residents were right in putting up the safety signs and the City of Brampton was wrong in threatening to charge them,” said Williams, who launched the campaign in August 2019 to slow traffic on residential streets.

The statement proceeds to say that the legal opinion was prepared by a noted municipal lawyer at one of Canada’s preeminent law firms.

Firstly, I’m calling on the city to drop any and all charges that may have been laid against Brampton residents who had Please Slow Down signs on their private property. Secondly, the city should apologize for threatening parents who want slower traffic in an attempt to keep their kids safe,” said Williams, who also mentioned that she would be posting a copy of the legal opinion on her website.

Williams also stated that community safety can only happen if the community is included, adding that she is committed to encouraging and supporting Brampton residents who want to make their neighbourhoods safer.

Pedestrian safety should be a priority for the City of Brampton. These signs are not the total solution, but they are PART of the solution in increasing pedestrian safety. No change to the sign bylaw is necessary. The signs are already allowed,” she said.

It was always clear that the bylaw allows public safety and order signs on private property. Now the City can start including people in our pedestrian safety initiatives. I won’t stop until cars are driving slower in my community.”

The statement concluded with Williams saying that she was not surprised by the outcome of the legal opinion. 

Photo courtesy of City of Brampton

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