Brampton dance group performs for Michelle Obama at world-renowned festival


A Brampton dance troupe just performed for the former First Lady of the United States!

Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, a Brampton studio who have built an impressive reputation for outstanding competition results and numerous electrifying performances, was chosen as the opening performance at “In Conversation with Former First Lady Michelle Obama.” The event was a part of the Elevate Tech Festival in Toronto that took place last month.

Jade Jager Clark states that she is focused on educating students in authentic hip hop and street dance foundations, technique and history. Her group is trained in Hip Hop Dance, Locking, Popping, Breaking, House, Krump, Waacking and Lite Feet, which makes them stand out compared to other dance studios.

The troupe has performed for many celebrities and shows including The Ellen Degeneres Show and more recently the young hip hop dancers, ages 10 to 25 from Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, took to the stage to present the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Goals in a dance performance. The performance was in collaboration with award-winning Director X (who is also from Brampton).

Performing at the Sony Centre Toronto, the group inspired the huge audience by dancing to K’naan’s “Waving Flag” in a 20-member group performance. Michelle Obama later officially unveiled the 17 goals.

For those of you who are unaware, Elevate attracts the biggest and brightest leaders shaping the world today as they work towards solving society’s biggest challenges. From September 20 to 26, the festival featured world-class speakers, interactive experiences, and can’t-miss socials.

Here is the video to the full performance:

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