Brampton Experiencing Extremely Cold Temperatures


It looks our balmy winter has come to a temporary end, as Brampton and surrounding areas are currently experiencing some decidedly chilly temperatures (but it’s going to get warmer again next week, so hang in there). 

Health authorities and cities surrounding Brampton (including Toronto and Mississauga) have issued extreme cold weather alerts.

Extreme cold weather alerts are typically issued when temperatures drop to -15 or colder (windchill factored in). Right now, temperatures sit at -5 (but they feel like that magical -15). Tonight, they’ll feel like -21. 

Experts are advising residents to stay indoors as much as possible, dress appropriately (wear multiple layers and cover as much exposed skin as possible), drink warm fluids (but avoid alcohol or caffeine if possible), reschedule any outdoor plans and bring all pets indoors if they are not inside already.

Stay warm, Brampton! 

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