Brampton Fire Now Has More Life-Saving Pet Oxygen Masks


No one wants to be in a fire or an emergency situation where their home needs to be evacuated, but for safety’s sake, it’s good to know that if there was an emergency, all of your loved ones would be protected - right down to your furry friends.

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services received a very important life-saving donation earlier this week. In fact,  on Wednesday, September 27; Jeff Moynihan of Invisible Fence Brand and Dr. Tim Zaharchuk of Derrydale Animal Hospital presented Brampton Fire and Emergency Services with a donation of five pet oxygen mask kits.

Just like humans need oxygen masks, pets do, too.

According to the City, this donation helps equip new fire trucks in service.

The City says that, in 2013, the Brampton Veterinary Association and Invisible Fence Brand donated enough pet oxygen mask kits to equip all fire trucks. The donation of five more pet oxygen mask kits is enough to equip the new fire trucks recently put into service.

We're very appreciative of the donation by Invisible Fence Brand, and to Dr. Zaharchuk for facilitating this," says Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi, Chair of Community and Public services. "Sometimes pets can be victims of fires too, and the donation provides the potential for our fire service to revive pets at the scene of a fire."

What’s in a pet oxygen mask kit, you ask?

Well, each mask kit has three re-usable masks, and each mask comes in a different size.

The smallest masks are sized specially for small animals including cats, small dogs and rabbits. The large masks can accommodate large domestic animals weighing 50 pounds or more,” said the City in a statement.

It might be hard to think about an emergency situation where these kits will need using, but it’s incredible to know that the City is thinking ahead. Every life matters, after all.

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