Brampton Fire Services Help Fund Student's Journey to College


Firefighters play an important role in our community and put their lives on the line for the sake of Brampton’s residents. Now the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services are helping a Brampton student reach his goal of joining the cause.

In a special presentation at the City of Brampton's Fire/Life Safety Education Centre, Zachary Drenters, 24, of Brampton was awarded the 2019 George Hitchcock Memorial Endowment Fund by Brampton Fire and Emergency Services' Chief Bill Boyes.

"The Brampton Fire and Emergency Services are pleased to present the George Hitchcock Memorial Fund to Zachary Drenters,” said Boyes. “Witnessing the passion that the next generation of firefighters exhibit is admirable. We encourage more Bramptonians to consider firefighting as a career path and for those that are, to apply for this bursary next year."

Drenters is currently pursuing a post-secondary diploma at Humber College in the Fire Services Program, with the goal of becoming a firefighter in the future. He credits his passion for a career in the fire services to his father, a firefighter of 28 years at the Toronto Fire Services.

The memorial endowment fund bursary of $1,000 will be put towards his tuition fees.

"I extend my congratulations to Zachary Drenters on receiving the George Hitchcock Memorial Fund. Community safety is our priority and we want to encourage the youth of Brampton to be involved in our efforts,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “This is their community and their future." 

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services first created the George Hitchcock Memorial Fund in 2014 to honour the Late George Hitchcock. He served in the Service for 33 years and played a pivotal role in the development and success of the Fire/Life and Safety Education Centre.

You can learn more information about the George Hitchcock Memorial Endowment Fund here

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