Brampton Gets Ready to Celebrate National Youth Week


As Brampton seeks to become a more vibrant and dynamic city, there is undoubtedly an emphasis on youth in the city and what they can contribute to society. As such, Brampton is participating in National Youth Week, which is held on May 1 to 7 every year. It is a week dedicated to the celebration of youth and their active participation in their community.

Since its inaugural year in 2007, National Youth Week was promoted through a network of contacts across the country. The goal was to get the word out that National Youth Week was here and to capture online, stories of those wonderful activities that communities, such as Brampton, did to celebrate National Youth Week.

National Youth Week can be a series of new activities a community chooses to do to celebrate youth, or an your existing program of activities under that National Youth Week banner. The intention of National Youth Week is to recognize the good work that goes on in communities with and for the youth of Canada.

This year, Brampton is hosting a number of events in recognition of National Youth Week, all located in Garden Square. The city's flagship Youth Week events include the following:

Music Monday

Monday, May 1, at 11 am to 1 pm

Celebrate the importance of music education with performances by bands, singers, choirs and dancers from local schools. Music Monday is a national event, organized by the Coalition for Music Education since 2005. The event's anthem for 2017 is called, "Sing it Together." At noon on May 1, students in the square will join with the rest of the nation to sing the theme song together.

Launch Party

Monday, May 1, at 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Youth are invited to kick off National Youth Week with a DJ Battle in the Square and interactive activities, food, entertainment and prizes.

UPDATE: The City of Brampton has announced that the Launch Party has been cancelled due to the rain.

Wrap-up Party

Sunday, May 7, at 12 - 4 pm

Watch Brampton's next generation of performing artists at the Youth Talent Expo, and catch the Blue Jays on the big screen. Activities include inflatables, info booths, and games.

These are the events hosted by the City of Brampton. There will also be various other community events and free youth drop-ins will take place all week long in locations across the rest of Brampton.

For a detailed list of activities, programs and events, please see here.

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