Brampton Has a Way of Helping You Find The Dead


Most of you know where you buried or left your deceased loved ones in their final resting place…but some of you may not.

One big trend these days is people trying to trace their ancestry back to the very beginning, as best as they possibly could. Websites such as help in doing so, but sometimes you can only go so far as attempting to locate your long lost ancestors and where they are buried.

But there may be another way of helping you find unmarked graves or long lost loved ones, as suggested by the Ontario Genealogical Society. They are hosting a talk in Brampton on this very subject.

Entitled "Cemeteries: Making Them Sing", the talk is going to be delivered by Steve Fulton, the President of the OGS. This event will take place on January 27 at 2 to 4 pm at the Four Corners Branch of the Brampton Library.

The method that Fulton will talk about is dowsing, which is a method used to locate ground water, gemstones and graves without the use of expensive scientific equipment. Some of you may be familiar with the image of someone using a dowsing rod.Fulton will discuss how this method can be used to locate a "missing" or unmarked grave in a cemetery.

Perhaps you too can become a dowser and find that missing relative in your quest discovering your ancestry.

Will you be attending?

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