Brampton Hip Hop Artist Set to Launch EP


… I wanted to create a body of work - an artistic collective; segments of self representation in a mirror of drums and lush melodies. I wanted to tell stories, not just spit bars …”

Brampton emcee Haviah Mighty is making waves within the Canadian Hip Hop scene.

Whether it’s crushing cyphers, showing solidarity with her female hip hop collective the Sorority or simply connecting with audiences through her high-energy live shows, 2017 is shaping up to be a standout year for her. The momentum continues with the launch of her Flower City EP this week, which is an ode to the city that raised her.

The seven-song project has been described by Mighty as her “best project to date” and is a statement of the hard work she’s put in up until this point.

I had the opportunity to connect with the emcee on her project, her inspirations and most importantly, her future.

What inspired Flower City?

If anything, Flower City inspired me! I live in Brampton now, so all of these records, the content, the inspirations, the foundation, manifested here. I want this project to represent my present and what better way to do that, than to pay homage to my environment, the things that helped sculpt the way I see the world, the way I create my art. Playing on the dichotomy of aggressive raps and sultry, lush singing melodies, Flower City seemed to be the perfect representation. Brampton is a suburb city - we have our downtown, our entertainment scene, an influx of urban culture and yet, this city is a suburb with parks and recreational centres and huge beds of flowers adorning these parts and recreational centres. I experience very different lives when in different places in Brampton, and that has helped define my music. Flower City is the inspiration, so I’m just paying homage in naming my EP after this city!

How long did it take to record?

I started recording Flower City a couple weeks after the INTL Women’s Day Cypher that dropped March 8 of 2016. Shortly after the cypher, I was working on content and investing my time in shows - and a producer from Paris hit me up. He sent me a beat pack and I recorded a couple demos - and we just decided, with our level of chemistry, to create a project together. Young Dreadz (the producer of Flower City) helped me find myself with this project, and catered to my wants and needs as an artist. I told him what I like, who I listen to, what chord progressions resonate with me, what motivates and inspires me … and although we were unable to sit down together for the initial process, we used email and Facebook as a hub for creating this amazing piece of art. Whatever I wanted, whatever I felt, Young Dreadz supported. We bounced demos around and solidified our idea for the project by September. The album was officially recorded mid-November and now, finally, it’s about to be released! (Friday March 10)

What do you want the audience to take away from this release?

I am an ARTIST first and foremost. I like to participate in cyphers, I spit bars, I play a little guitar, I dabble in the DJ world, I do a lot of things - but above all things, I am an ARTIST. I use my experiences to create a final thing. I have a message. I’m building my leverage. I have so much more to say, so many more styles to showcase, so much more to offer - this is just the beginning. When my listeners press play and vibe to all 22 minutes of Flower City, I want them to sit back at the end and think - “Jeez, what’s next?”

What’s your favourite song on the EP and why?

On The Low”. It’s real and it’s harmonically beautiful…

What are your plans for this year?

I’m so happy to finally be able to release this solo project! Once Flower City comes out, I’d like to focus on showcasing the album live, at festivals, award shows…. I have a lot going on with The Sorority as well. (The Sorority was formulated as a result of the TBP Cypher and features Haviah Mighty, Lex Leosis, Keysha Freshh and Phoenix Pagliacci).

A couple notables coming up:

  • Tues, Mar 7 - Sandbox Studios BanTOR Interview at 7pm + VIBE 105.5 Interview with The Sorority @ 9pm
  • Wed. Mar 8 - The Sorority performs at Mohawk College at 12pm. Their reunion show is this same evening at Revival at 8pm in Toronto.
  • Thur. Mar 9 - The Flower City Showcase takes place at Post Office Sound, 171 E Liberty St. 8-11pm. This is essentially the release party for Flower City. *PLUG THIS*
  • Wed. Mar 15 - Sleepless in Canada TOUR - Haviah Mighty opens for J. Eliaye at The MOD Club
  • Thur. April 13 - The Sorority perform at RISE! 5 Year Anniversary
  • CMW - Haviah Mighty performs! Venue and time TBA.
  • Sat. May 6 - Haviah Mighty performs at the CUT Awards and features The Sorority!
  • Sun. July 2 - The Sorority performs at Can150 Block Party in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday!

Check out The Flower City Showcase which is taking place at Post Office Sound in Toronto (171 E Liberty St. 8-11pm) - celebrating the release of the EP.

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