Brampton hospital tests most people for COVID-19 in Ontario


At a June 17 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to help cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and announced that the Osler Health System has tested more residents for COVID-19 than any other hospital in the province.

Today’s conference featured Mayor Patrick Brown, City Councillor Jeff Bowman and Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Region of Peel.

According to Brown, he received reports this morning indicating that as of last week, the Osler Health System has tested more residents for COVID-19 than any other hospital in the province.

First of all, I was pleased with how the community reacted to remaining in Phase 1,” said Brown.

I had spoken to the Premier a number of times that we did not want to rush the reopening. I’m glad there’s been a regional approach to everything.”

Since Friday, June 12, the province of Ontario has increased gatherings from groups of five to 10 as well as allowing faith communities to meet again.

All reports have been, that people have been abiding by the guidance of Public Health and I appreciate everyone’s cooperation,” said Brown.

According to the mayor, last week’s COVID-19 pop-up testing site at Gore Meadows resulted in a total of 254 residents being tested.

We also, just yesterday, opened a drive-through assessment centre with the William Osler Health System. On the first day, even though it was only a partial day, 470 residents got tested,” said Brown.

We understand that we’ve had a challenge in the GTA with the spread of COVID-19 and testing is so critical. It allows you to find out where the virus is and get those individuals to isolate.”

While the City of Brampton has seen some cases gradually continue, the mayor emphasized that the City is making progress and that testing is a big contributor.

The fact that we have tested the most people in the province at this hospital is something that I’m very proud of because we know testing is one of the key tools we have in terms of dealing with this difficult COVID-19 virus.”

I should also note that it will enable contact tracing testing which will allow us to really find out where the virus is and keep track of it,” concluded Brown, adding that this will help get through this first wave of the virus and will help prepare for the next week ahead.

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