Brampton House of the Week: Gorgeous $1.2 Mil Home With Cozy and Chic Interior


The Place: This gorgeous home is located in a beautiful neighbourhood, and has a professionally landscaped backyard, fully equipped kitchen, and cozy living interior!

Neighbourhood: 19 Louvain Drive

Price: $1,279,500

Big Selling Point: The home has a cozy and warm theme, beautiful kitchen area and living room space, fireplace and finished patio.


  • Amazing 50.07 x 115.16 lot that features:

  • Ideal location

  • Living room with fireplace

  • Gourmet kitchen

  • Stone floor patio in the backyard

  • Wine rack island

  • Gorgeous bathroom

The Numbers:

  • $1,279,500

  • Property tax $7,700

  • 4 bedrooms

  • 3 bathrooms

  • 50.07 x 115.16 lot size

  • Two storey home

Thanks to Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc Brokerage for all information about the inHouse of the Week. For more information about this house please go to Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc Brokerage.

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