Brampton issues 30 additional physical distancing fines amid COVID-19 outbreak


At an April 29 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to help cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and provided details on the latest physical distancing fines and warnings.

Today’s conference featured Mayor Patrick Brown, Councillor Jeff Bowman and Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region.

During the announcement, Brown further discussed the importance of physical distancing and provided details on the reasons behind the latest fines that were issued in the City of Brampton.

This past week, the City conducted 4,584 inspections, issued 195 warnings and laid a total of 30 charges.

We do take the time to warn residents that aren’t following the physical distancing by-laws that are stressed,” said Brown.

This week, there were five house parties that resulted in 13 different charges, two gatherings in parking lots and eight charges for people who continued to use parks.

Now is not the time to be hosting a party at your house for friends,” stressed Brown. “We need people to be keeping their distance.”

Additionally, Brown stated that eight charges were laid for non-essential businesses that were still operating.

We really need to respect the provincial list of essential workers,” he said.

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