Brampton just beat a 33-year-old record for lowest temperature


Today, Brampton beat a 33-year-old temperature record for November 13, one which was set back in 1986.

In 1986, the record for cold temperature was -9.6degC, which was beat this morning when the temperatures dropped.

According to Environment Canada, this morning’s temperature was -13degC, which felt like -18degC with the wind chill.

Along with this record, Toronto also recently broke a record for November 11, the city’s first snowfall of 13.6 cm. This was previously set in 1983 after seeing only 3 cm of snow.

Temperatures are expected to be -4degC in Toronto later today and into the evening, feeling like -10degC with the windchill with possible flurries.

Photos courtesy of The Weather Network and Environment Canada.

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