Brampton Just Got its First Virtual Reality Arcade


You can fight zombies, spin tunes as a DJ, complete tasks as a store clerk, or even be an archer - all from the comfort of a new virtual reality arcade that just opened its doors in Brampton!

Ctrl V officially opens its doors in Brampton on August 21, 2018, after months of anticipation.

With locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and New Jersey, Ctrl V is North America’s first virtual reality arcade - and it’s expanding quite rapidly.

Ctrl V is located at 239 Queen Street East in Brampton.

We got to take a peek inside and it’s pretty exciting.

Right now, Ctrl V in Brampton boasts 25 virtual reality games, ranging from the kid-friendly to the adult-friendly.

Games like Cowbots and Aliens, Beatsaber, and Electronauts are ideal for kids or first-timers - there’s an 18+ age filter for blood, guts, and gore.

Meanwhile games like The Brookhaven Experiment and Affected: The Manor are more suited for older kids and adults who want a real scare.

The space even boasts multiplayer games that you can play with a group of friends, like Kiss or Kill VR, or the Virtual Dodgeball Smashbox Arena.

How does it work?

Ctrl V allows you to rent booths by the hour, and you get a full 60-minutes of play. You can come solo or bring friends and family, and there’s even a party room.

You step into a virtual reality booth, don a headset, take the controllers, and choose a game.

A step-by-step video guide takes you through how to play in the lobby area of the arcade, and the space’s employees aim to be super helpful for anyone having difficulty.

According to franchise owner Deep Mehta, if you’re an adult and you want to bring a special party to Ctrl V, you can even rent out the space entirely for a few hours. Mehta says the space can accommodate for a liquor licence too.

Within the next six months, Mehta says the arcade will boast up to 50 games, with more to come.

As a first timer, I tried two games. In Beatsaber I slashed boxes to music using a lightsaber, and in Quivr I shot monsters with a bow and arrow.

Over all, the experience was fun and intuitive and I’d recommend it to pros and first timers alike!

You might want to note that the grand opening is on September 8, and you can try a few minutes of gaming for free, jam to tunes by z103.5, and even get discounts when you book a session that day.

Ctrl V
239 Queen St. E.

Body photos courtesy of Ctrl V Brampton

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