Brampton launches new campaign to push for university campus


Brampton is continuing to push for provincial government funding for the city’s very own university after no longer recieving approval for the Ryerson campus by the Ford government last October.

There has been an announcement from the city of Brampton with a launch of their new campaign called “BramptonU,” which intends to obtain partnerships and receive funding for a full university campus for the city’s very own university.

We’re proposing a new, innovative solution; ‘BramptonU,’ a city-led effort with the goal to get provincial approval to launch our own fully accredited university right here in Brampton,” said Mayor Patrick Brown in a campaign video on the BramptonU website, which also featured Regional Councillor Rowena Santos and City Councillor, Harkirat Singh.

According to their new website, the city is seeking the right partnerships with academic institutions as well as support from the community.

The website also states that they are “exploring partnerships and approaches to build and maintain brick and mortar buildings for a Brampton University and possible student housing.”  

Regional Councillor, Rowena Santos said, “We have thousands of youth exploring career options, looking for new training and learning…but we don’t have a full university of our own in Brampton.” 

City Councillor, Harkirat Singh added, “Bringing a full university to Brampton is an important priority for City Council and a step toward delivering on our 2040 Vision.” 

Last year, after Brown was elected mayor, the provincial government made an announcement that they would no longer be funding the city’s downtown Ryserson University-Sheridan College, which was previously promised by the Liberal government. 

While Brampton currently has Sheridan College’s Davis Campus, along with smaller partnerships with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education and Algoma University, their 2040 vision contains a full university of their own.

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