Brampton Lawyer Loses Licence in Tribunal Decision


The Law Society of Ontario has revoked a Brampton lawyer's license for misappropriating trust funds.

Winston Deonarain was found guilty of professional misconduct on March 28 by a law society tribunal, where he then had his licence to practice law revoked. He had been a lawyer since 2002.

It was found by the panel that he misappropriated $180,000 in trust funds in 2014 on behalf of clients. The panel found he knowingly assisted in or encouraged fraud or dishonesty when receiving and disbursing the amount of $1.9 million from the time between September and October in 2016.

It was also found that he had misappropriated $16,000 from the sale of a client's house.

He was ordered to pay a compensation to one of the clients that been impacted by his actions. This fine could come up to a maximum of $41,540 on top of the $50,000 fee he owes to the law society.

It was also taken into account that Deonarain was not cooperative with the investigation, as he failed to reply to communications from the Law Society.

He did not participate in the hearing.

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