Brampton making investments towards being a safer city for residents


The City of Brampton recently released its Proposed 2020 Budget, which outlined the city's priorities for the upcoming year and was unanimously approved at a Special Council Meeting on February 26.

From taking more steps towards being a green city and taking measures to become a safer city to building opportunities for economic growth, Brampton’s motto for the 2020 Budget is “Putting YOU first,” which emphasizes priorities aiming to benefit the present and future for Bramptonians.

The main priorities for the 2020 Budget are defined with the following keywords; affordability, stability, enhanced services and growth.

In terms of safety, investments are being made toward fire services, in order to ensure that Brampton is a safer city for its residents. 

The 2020 Budget states that $11.8M will be invested to replace firefighting equipment and trucks for a more reliable response as well as $14.5M over three years for three fire stations.

$650,000 will also be invested over three years for speed cameras in community safety zones. 

Among these investments towards being a safer city, the budget also includes investments of $2.9M over three years for the Hurontario LRT, $136M for 120 new buses over three years, $7.3M over three years to support Algoma University, $41M to update roads and more.

What do you think of Brampton’s investments towards being a safer city? 

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