Brampton Making Major Plans for the Future


Since Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, it cannot avoid enhancing, creating and revitalizing essential services—especially when there's so much demand for better transit and—in some circles at least—swifter urbanization.

Recently, Brampton city council affirmed its commitment to "building a connected city that is innovative, inclusive and bold, by sharpening the focus of their 2016-2018 Strategic Plan."

You can read more about the plan here.

The city recently highlighted some proposed changes and emphasized a few initiatives. As many people know, Brampton has been the recipient of federal and provincial investment in its transit infrastructure and it's set to welcome a brand new university (with Ryerson being its likely partner).

In light of all the recent developments, the city is focusing on six key initiatives going forward.

We now have a sharper focus on being innovative,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey in a statement released Wednesday. “We must continue to disrupt the status quo in our city in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive global market."

Six areas within the strategic plan are being unanimously recognized by council as potential game-changers for Brampton and those area include:

* Regional transit connections - seamless integration of local and regional transit options.

* University - solidifies Brampton's place as a growing, innovative and well-connected city.

* Health partnerships - building relations among health providers, and growing health and science investments.

* Riverwalk - revitalizing the Etobicoke Creek addresses flood risks in the downtown while adding public green space, with awesome potential for urban growth.

* Urban centre - creative, productive urban spaces encourage civic pride, develop a sense of belonging, and support safety.

* Planning vision - understanding what Brampton can - and will be - in be in 25+ years, and the critical first steps to get there.

The transformational shift underway in our operations is foundational to enable our laser focus. Council has set the stage for stronger investments in our people, agility in our processes, and healthier relations with government partners," said chief administrative officer Harry Schlange. "The people who live here in Brampton make the community great, and they deserve great work from us. We not only want people to proudly stay in Brampton - we want people to move here and do business too."

It'll be interesting to see how Brampton tackles the ambitious initiatives moving forward.

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