Brampton Man Charged After Transport Truck Almost Crashed Into Police Cruiser


After an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer was “forced to take evasive action” in a near collision with a transport truck earlier this month, charges have been laid against a Brampton man.

According to the OPP, on February 5, 2018, at 10:06 p.m., an OPP officer was patrolling in The Archipelago Township.

The OPP says the officer was “forced to take evasive action” to avoid a head-on collision with a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) on Highway 69.

After the near-collision, the officer conducted a traffic stop of the transport truck.

Ronald Billingsley, 55, of Brampton, is facing the following charges:

  • Careless driving
  • Fail to surrender daily log
  • Fail to surrender inspection schedule
  • Fail to carry daily logs or operator’s records for previous 14 days 

The accused has a court date in Parry Sound slated for March 5, 2018.

Thankfully the officer was alert and avoided a collision,” said the OPP. “OPP reminds drivers of the importance of staying alert and avoiding distractions while driving. Driving involves sharing the road with other drivers, their passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians; it is impossible to do so safely unless your eyes and mind are solely focused on driving.”

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