Brampton Man Who Fled Country After Sexual Assault Will Still Get Sentenced


Although it’s rare for someone to be sentenced for a crime when he or she is out of the country, it does happen. 

A Brampton man who fled from Canada to Pakistan after a sexual assault conviction has been sentenced in absentia (in his absence), The Canadian Press reports.

Moazzam Tariq, who was found guilty of sexual assault after engaging in nonconsensual and unprotected sex with a severely intoxicated woman he met at a Toronto nightclub, was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison.

The CP reports that Justice Mara Greene says there's little doubt that Tariq absconded and she "decided to proceed with the sentencing largely because of the needs of the victim in the case."

According to the CP, Greene says Tariq knew how intoxicated the woman was and took advantage of the situation and disregarded her safety.

It does not appear that Moazzam is in Canada at this time. 

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