Brampton Musician Performs on The Tonight Show


Musical artist Jessie Reyez, who was raised in Brampton, made her late night television debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, performing her hit single “Figures.”

According to W Magazine, “Figures,” is a slow jam about wanting to move on from someone who’s hurt you—in this case, a cheating boyfriend—and failing. Many fans have told Reyez that her song keeps them from calling their exes, which is usually not a good idea to begin with.

When one hears Reyez sing this song, you can really identify with the feelings of anguish, betrayal and loss of a relationship. A key attribute to a successful career in music is being able to produce work that can tug at your emotional heartstrings and, yes, may make you bawl your eyes out or feel like you’re having the greatest day of your life.

And being on with Jimmy Fallon is no small potatoes of an achievement. The Tonight Show is the world’s longest running talk show, having been on air since 1954. To be on such a platform hosted by a renowned entertainer such Fallon is quite an accomplishment for this young Brampton native.

Congratulations, Jessie! All of Brampton is extremely proud of you!

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