Brampton Nightclub Closed After Shooting Incident


A local nightclub that was recently the site of a fatal shooting has closed down. 

According to signage on Masta’s Lounge door, the Brampton nightclub’s lease was terminated for non-payment of rent.  

Owners Michael and Chrissie Arjoon were evicted as the tenants.

According to the termination notice, Ontario Limited reserves the right to claim any of the tenants’ unpaid rent, and the right to claim damages as compensation for loss of benefits during the remainder of the lease.

Further, any trespassers onto the premises will be prosecuted.

The club’s notice was given on April 20, and their assets were to be off the premises by April 25. Any assets left behind would have been deemed abandoned chattels.

Masta’s Lounge at Orenda and Dixie was where a shooting happened on April 15 around 3:00a.m. There was one fatality.

The tenants were off the premises by April 25.  

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