Brampton Ranks One of Canada's Most Open Cities


Brampton has been ranked one of Canada’s youngest large cities and one of the best places to live in Canada. We’re a growing city, undergoing constant improvement, and now, we’ve ranked as one of the cities with the most open data systems in Canada!

According to the Open Cities Index Results 2017 published annually by Public Sector Digest, Brampton is the eighth most open city in Canada, up a whopping ten spots from last year. 

Further, Brampton is the second most open city in Ontario (Toronto beat us)!

Municipalities that made the Canada-wide list “are raising the bar for municipal innovation, transparency, and accountability, and cities around the world are taking note,” said editor-in-chief of Public Sector Digest Tyler Sutton.

So, the City of Brampton has some of the most open data across the country. Beating Brampton are cities like Edmonton (which topped the list!), Toronto, and Montreal. Trailing behind are Mississauga, Vancouver, and even Ottawa!

Cities were ranked based on a number of factors, including readiness (governance of the data and educational resources), implementation (types of data available), and impact (downloads and views of the data). 

Here’s the full list:

What makes Brampton so open, you ask?

You may have noticed that Brampton has put forth one major new initiative for open data quite recently: Brampton’s GeoHub offers an entire online platform for the public to access government data across a ton of different sectors, such as Infrastructure, Arts, Culture, and Tourism, and Health and Safety.

This is all part of the City’s OpenGov plan, for municipal transparency with data. Clearly, it’s working - we’ve made this list and jumped into the top ten most open cities within just one year.

Through the GeoHub, Bramptonians can explore, filter, download, visualize, and analyze the data to their liking. 

If you’d like, you can even create an app for Brampton using the data available and no coding!

For more details on Brampton’s Open Government initiatives, click here.

Go, Brampton!

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