Brampton Rapper Releases Brand New Single


With prom season officially underway, Brampton Hip Hop emcee Noyz (aka Amrit Singh) is making people feel nostalgic with the new visuals for his single “I Got a Love.”

The video’s main story follows the emcee and his friends as they make up for less-than-stellar prom memories by creating a “grown-up” prom of their own. Noyz chose this concept as a way to reflect on the transitions that people face in their lives, especially after high school. The emcee sums up the video with a very special message for individuals who will be having their own prom experiences this year:

“Congratulations to the class of 2017. The world is yours. As we get older though, we seem to celebrate less despite having more reasons to do so. For that reason, this video is dedicated to the 20, 30, and 40-somethings with their own major accomplishments and transitions in life that are worth celebrating. The ones who have paid off their student debts as opposed to the new class applying for big loans, the ones with life partners instead of prom dates, and the ones who are following dreams and careers with certainty rather than picking electives to fill out a course load. There’s no reason why we can’t have our own prom to shed some light on the work we do and all that we’ve achieved.”

The track itself was inspired by Noyz’s real-life relationship with his wife, whom he married in 2016. The emcee described the origins of the song through a recent Facebook post, as he explained the writing process allowed him to share his work with his partner, and showcase a sense of vulnerability that brought them closer.

Acclaimed producer Dusty Loops produced the song, and it is the first single off of their joint album entitled “LO-FI GLORY”. 2017 has been a landmark year for Noyz and Dusty Loops, as along with rapper B-Magic (collectively known as Movin’ Cool) they have been able to perform in front of audiences at South-By-Southwest (SXSW), Canadian Music Week and Burlington’s Sound of Music festival.

The video was filmed in Downtown Brampton, predominantly at popular co-working space Lab-b.

LO-FI GLORY” is slated to be released in Fall 2017.” Watch the video below and steam the song here.

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