Brampton reaches higher plateau for daily COVID-19 cases


At a June 3 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to help cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in the City of Brampton.

Today's conference featured Mayor Patrick Brown, Councillor Michael Palleschi, Chief Nishan Duraiappah and Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region.

We continue to be challenged in Brampton and the Peel Region with the virus continuing to spread in our community,” said Brown.

Dr. Loh said, “As of this morning, Brampton has had 2,496 cases of COVID-19. Of these, 1,796 have recovered, 626 are still active and 74 have tragically passed away.”

Over the last week, the growth in our seven-day moving average has seemed to found a new plateau of around 50 new cases a day, instead of 40 new cases a day throughout the Region of Peel,” said Dr. Loh, adding that their goal has always been and continues to be zero new cases a day.

In March, we took the first steps to get that under control. Brampton and Peel stepped up. Our hospitals went into overdrive,” he said.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on lives, especially on our seniors and on our well-being with many of us staying home to stop the spread.”

Dr. Loh concluded by stating that they will continue to work with Ontario Health and their hospital partners in directing an expanded testing program in the community targeting those at risk.

We cannot forget what we are dealing with here,” stressed Dr. Loh.

We may worry about a second wave, but we’re not even done with our first, which is why we all need to continue to pitch in to take it down to zero new cases a day.”

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